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Plumberpro, Home Appliance Technician
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We are moving into a flat which has Nightstore radiators put

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We are moving into a flat which has Nightstore radiators put in in 1993 and has DC Dimplex on them but no model number on them do they have asbostos?

Plumberpro : Hi no they will not have asbestos in them , just heat storing blocks .
Plumberpro : There must be a serial number somewhere, check each one . The dimplex models containing asbestos are on this site,
Plumberpro : Please can you rate your answer if satisfied , thank you

There is hard insulation packing on the bottom where the elements come through between the fire bricks and soft insulation on the top and sides, this is what I am concerned about. I have removed the firebricks but don't want to put the


sorry didn't finish!


put the units in the skip if they contain asbestos. I have check all the units and there is no plate on the outside with nombers.

Plumberpro : Hi , I understand the worry with asbestos but if they were fitted in 1993 then you can be sure that it is not asbestos .

Hi, If I have got the date wrong and it was 83 would this still apply?

Plumberpro : They stopped using as nests in storage heaters in 1974.


Plumberpro : Sorry meant asbestos in 1974
Plumberpro : No probes, would you mind rating your answer , thanks , Toby
Plumberpro : If you really want to double check then there are asbestos testing kits available on line for around £70
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