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would a vaillant 415 still require a pump overrun if being

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would a vaillant 415 still require a pump overrun if being fitted to a gledhill boiler mate sp,which says in the manual it incorporates pump overrun??

Plumberpro : Hi . I will try to help
Plumberpro : Yes . Needs pump over run , this is why the pump is wired direct into the boiler. This can be a problem if there is no pump wiring next to boiler on a replacement , but these light weight heat exchangers need it. Not like the old cast iron lumps .
Plumberpro : .
Plumberpro : Pump over run on the gledhill is for the hot water circuit not the heating . When hot water is drawn off the temp of hot water drops and the pump runs to heat the domestic hot water heat exchanger . Hope this helps
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