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Daniel, Home Appliance Technician
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re: Oko Favorit 4040 dishwasher. Yes, I know its old, but

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re: Oko Favorit 4040 dishwasher.
Yes, I know it's old, but it's good!
Gets 'stuck' towards end of Main Wash - dial at about the 5 o'clock position.
I think it should pump out at this stage and then move on to next step. I have replaced the drain pump and that is working well, but what appears to happen is that water keeps trickling out of the drain hose as though there is water being fed in and drained at the same time (pure hypothesis - may be completely wrong). Eventually it does move on and complete the program, but instead of the 'normal bio 50' program taking about 70-80 mins, it takes nearly 100 mins (as though the stuck section is adding 30 mins).
Any suggestions.


Does it do this on all the cycles?

Have you checked the drain hose and were it goes to. Make sure its not to low to the floor or blocked.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes, on all cycles, and drain hose suspended at about machine height.

I have rigged up 4040 in garage, connected to garden hose, with end of drain hose discharging to ground outside garage so I can see what happens. I am running a similar machine - a 5040 - which is fitted under kitchen working surface so I cannot see what happens, but I can compare dial positions and running time.

At about 5 o'clock position, the hot water drains from the main wash, and the machine refills, but on the 4040 there is a continuing trickle of water discharging from the drain hose after the main draining has occurred and water is being taken in at the same time. I ran full programme again and as a test, I switched off the water supply as the drain pump started and switched it on again when the water stopped emerging from the end of the hose: the program then moved on and behaved properly. There is another drain operation at the end of the main wash, dial position about 6 o'clock, and there is no ongoing trickle problem at this point. Without my intervention to turn the water off and on again, the trickle effect at '5 o'clock' continues for about 15-20 mins before the machine decides to move on!

Should there be a simultaneous input/drain when the hot wash part of the cycle ends?


Ok so the 4040 dishwasher is the drain hose laying on the floor?

When the water is coming out of the hose and its filling at the same time do you hear the pump running?

Has the fault only just happened since you rigged it up in the garage?


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The drain hose extends up to height of the machine and then down to the floor and along the floor.

I will have to run a cycle again to check if I can hear the drain pump going. Better still, I will remove the base plate so I can see the pump itself. Should I arrange for the drain hose to finish in mid-air rather than continuing to the ground? I will try it this way if I do not hear from you before running a cycle again. I cannot run the cycle tonight, so I will do it tomorrow (Friday).

I removed (and replaced) the machine from a rented property because the tenant said it did not work, and then set it up in my garage. I do not know if the specific 'trickle' fault was why it was not working as I thought it was a problem with the drain pump (which I have renewed).

I will let you know how I get on tomorrow.


Ok the end of the drain hose has to be at least half the height of the appliance otherwise when it fill up after a pumping cycle gravity takes over and syphons the water as its filling up which sounds like its happening here.

So try the cycle with the end of the drain hose higher up and see what happens from there and let me know.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Cycle completed correctly! About 1 hr 20 mins on hotter temperature, which I think is right.

Many thanks for your help - I've learned a lot.

Nice glad to hear it's sorted.
Fingers crossed this will be fine now. If you need any more info just get back to me.
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