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Bosch condenser dryer works fine for 10 - 15 mins then the

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Bosch condenser dryer works fine for 10 - 15 mins then the power just cuts out. When you go to turn it back on nothing happens. If you wait a while and turn it back on then it will work away again for 10 - 15 mins. Is it a Thermostat problem? Doesn't seem to be overheating.
Gary :

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Gary :

The problem is that there is a therm o overload switch that is kicking your machine out. Apparently it is reading to much heat inside the drum and tripping out. (shutting off) This could be the cause of being dirty and it has to much lint in the exhaust pipe. This is put in by the company as a safety device. Your other problem could be the moisture sensor. This will allow your machine to run 7 to 10 minutes and end the program. The moisture sensor I found also that I could get a low heat with dry rags in it on the timed setting. The auto settings on these dryers uses a moisture sensor to tell the machine how to cycle and with no moisture in the dryer the sensor tells the brain to stop running because of the low moisture levels. European machines are built to only run until there is between 8-10 percent moisture left in the machine then they stop. The reason there built this way is to prolong the life span of fine clothing by leaving some moisture in them to stay flexible whereas American machines over dry clothes making them brittle and weak allowing them to fall apart in just a few years. With all of this said, I hope it helps. If you have any more questions, please ask. I wish you the best.


Hi Gary


Hi Gary. Opened up the dryer tonight cleaned everything.Is there a reset switch for the thermostat as i could not see it.Also where is the moisture sensor located.Have turned the dryer on and the same problem occurred, ran grand for 10 mins then powered off.turned it back on and started again straight away.


Hi Gary, opened up back of dryer tonight,cleaned any visable lint.Is there a reset switch for thr

Gary :

Hi, Can you please provide me with the model number of your dryer so I can make sure I point you in the right direction.


Hi its a Bosch Classixx 7

Gary :

Hi, Thank you for replying back. Enclosed here is a wiring diagram for your dryer. You will see all of the temperature sensors are. I also included some pictures of senors for your to look at and check. If you have any questions, please ask. I'm going to move this to Q&A so we can have more time to work on your problem. This doesn't mean that our conversation is done. Please follow the directions, and I will receive your post.

Full Size Image

Gary :

This should be the moisture sensor;

Moisture Sensor - Part #(###) ###-####Mfg Part # *****
Full Size Image

Gary :

This are some different thermistor sensors that will cause your dryer to trip out. (turn off)

Gary :

I hope this helps. Again if you have additional questions please ask. You can still reply to me through Q&A

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Depending on some classixx 7 models look for this and follow;

Firstly unplug the machine from the mains electrical supply.
Look at the back of the machine. If there's no obvious button to press them you need to remove the large metal cover in the middle.
Remove the*****screws and gently lever the cover off using a flat head screwdriver. 4 of the screws at the bottom have a black sealant on them ignore this and just remove the cover.
Once the cover is removed you will see in front of you a square metal box approximately 6 inches square held on by 2 screws at the top. On the top left of this box you will see 2 greyish wires connected to a small black plastic electrical connector. On the back of this connector there is a tiny red button. Push this gently (it hardly moves) and you will hear a faint 'click'. You have now reset the trip switch.

Take the opportunity whilst the cover is off to remove and fluff etc with the vacuum cleaner and replace the cover and screws.

If you find this switch and you were able to reset it they dryer should work fine. Please not that not every dryer has one.