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we have a gas AGA which also heats out hot water. Earlier today

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we have a gas AGA which also heats out hot water. Earlier today it went out (it does now and again) now, when we relight it, it burns for ten or fifteen seconds, then the flame dies and, with a click, goes out. Help!

Plumberpro : Hi . It seems like your thermocouple needs replacing . This is a metal device that sits in the pilot flame, as it gets hot it creates a small electrical charge that allows the main gas valve to light. It is a safety device , that dosnt allow the full gas to flow unless it senses the pilot is alight, otherwise you would have unburnt gas filling the room . Just replace the thermocouple . Cheap part and would take about 20 mins to change. If satisfied with your answer could you please give a positive rating , thanks. , Toby
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