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Michael, Customer Service
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I have a Bosch fridge/freezer, about 5 years old. Yesterday

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I have a Bosch fridge/freezer, about 5 years old. Yesterday morning it indicated the temperature control of both compartments was raised. The back of the fridge was a bit snowy instead of frosty - but the food as cold as usual. The freezer was NOT full of snow. (I had had guests and wondered if it could have been left open all night, but both lots of evidence suggested not.) I unplugged and plugged it in again and waited half an hour. The temps both started down again. I switched the freezer to "super" and it went gradually right down. QUERY 24 hours later the freezer shows -25 deg, which looks too low, compared with I think the usual 18 deg. The fridge compartment is at the usual 4 deg. Please could you comment on the freezer? Janet XXX

Good morning Janet,
Sorry to hear about this.
May I have the full model #?
IS there any heavy frost on the rear wall of the freezer inside?
Also please let me know if the fan in the freezer runs?
Thank you
Tech Michael
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Michael. Thanks. The model number might be KGU34124GB? (Should it rather be E 153?)There are so many on the plate, which as usual is in a very awkward place to see! There is no frost on the rear freezer wall. I don't know if the fan is running. I hear a mild hum from the back of the appliance.

Hi Janet thank you.
The fan would be pretty loud and you would her it when you open the freezer door.
If that fan has failed, that would explain this whole issue because that fan also cools the fridge;-)
I would say you need a new fan. its not to difficult to replace bet you would need to remove the shelves and brackets inside the freezer then the rear wall will come out. The fan is afixed with two screws and one plug in clip is all. I will help you do this no worries there.
The best place to got that fan is listed below.
I will stick with you until this is fixed and working as it should.
Please rate kindly at this time, your question will NOT close or TIME OUT ;-)
Thank you Janet and have a great day!
Tech Michael
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for your advice so far, Michael. There are two things to say at once. A) why would the freezer then be showing so much colder, not warmer, than I expect? MINUS 25 deg, not plus. B) I shall have to get someone to do the fan for me if I need one. I am disabled and only have the use of one arm. Please discuss the fan further. I've never been aware of a "loud" fan noise on opening the freezer compartment, only the high-pitched warning beep if the door is open for a few seconds. Janet

Thank you Janet for the excellent explanation.
This really now sure proves its the fan.
There is always a possibility the main control board is failing. But I highly doubt that because these fans will fail, nothing is built to last anymore.
See, if the freezer fan fails, you will get those warnings because the cold can not circulate anymore and the freezer also cools the fridge.
You are still better off ordering the fan, even if you have someone do the job, because they will charge you more for the fan if they order it.
Janet I will stick with you until this is fixed and working as it should.
PLEASE RATE KINDLY AT THIS TIME, your question will NOT close or TIME OUT ;-)
No additional cost to you to rate.
Thank you and have a great day!
Tech Michael
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I can hear a clear whirring sound, as I said, from the back of the appliance. It never has come from inside the freezer and has not changed. I feel your fan advice must be still in question. My only concern is why the freezer temperature is SO LOW. Can that mean a faulty fan? I am not quite happy yet. Please stick with this. Thanks.


Hi Janet,
I have been a refrigeration Tech for over 30 years, so you can feel confident. That whirring sound is not the fan.
Please try this, open the freezer door, then press the button that turns off the light in the freezer, if you dont hear the fan, then thats the failed part and YES nothing will be really cold if that fan isn't working.
it also may need to be defrosted which will happen they replace the fan.
I hope this clear things up for you Janet?
Tech Michael
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Sorry Michael, NOTHING fits with what you tell me. There never was a fan noise in the freezer section. There is no light to switch on and off. There is no frost at all visible. All the food is solidly cold, incl for instance ice cream. It just says MINUS 25 deg, which is a change. You're telling me correct things your experience tells you and of course mine doesn't, but none of the conditions I see fit them. Oh dear! I'm not feeling this is working. I'm not going to worry about that low temp and carry on I think.

Hi Janet, There is a fan in the freezer behind the wall. You would definitely her it if it were working.
I don't know what else to tell you I have been fixing and working on these for over 30 years so I do know what I am talking about for sure. But if you don't believe me I will opt out and let someone else hold you would you rather I do that for you?
If that fan will not run, you will have the trouble you are experiencing .
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I'm very embarrassed to be such a nuisance, but PLEASE tell me how what you advise fits with the food being very cold, not less cold? You have not yet answered that question.

Hi Janet thats how these things work is all.
I am trying so hard to help you but you aren't satisfied.
I really know what I am talking about.
Please have the fan replaced and I promise it will all be fine;-)
See when that fan doesnt run, things become crazy, you may have a bad main control board, but that is very expensive.
Its almost never that part.
Almost always it is the fan, especially since you tell me you can detect it.
PLEASE RATE KINDLY AT THIS TIME, your question will NOT close or TIME OUT ;-)
No additional cost to you to rate.
I will be here for you until this is fixed one way or another but I'm pretty confident here on this,
Thanks Janet.
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