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I have a Bosch Classixx-6 washing machine with a f-21 error.

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I have a Bosch Classixx-6 washing machine with a f-21 error. We did find shredded parts of a credit card in the drainage compartment at the bottom. We removed this and it worked ok. The f-21 disappeared after we followed some instructions. On the next wash we again have a f-21 error. It's not spinning and the time seems to be skipping. Drainage is ok but there is a funny noise. Can you advise?
Good morning,
it is a motor or pcb fault this is a reset code as follows,
turn dial to off 12 0 clock position then turn to 6 o clock,
press and hold the spin button at same time turn it to 7 o clock,continue to hold the spin button-for 5 seconds,release button,turn off.
next time you turn on the error code should have gone ,
if it does not work go through the procedure again.
Please let me know if this helps if so, please rate kindly if not please don't rate but simply reply to me for further information.
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Hi Elaine you can also try this if needed.
Close the door.
Set the knob to off.
Wait 2 seconds.
turn the knob to position 8 (6 o'clock).
Wait until the start led is flashing.
Press and hold the spin speed button.
Wait 2 seconds.
Turn the knob to position 9.
Release the spin speed button.
This clears the error memory.
Turn to off.
Turn to a programme.
If you still get F21, the motor or the control module is at fault.