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Plumberpro, Home Appliance Technician
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i have a conseiled bath mixer and a hand held shower and fixed

Customer Question

i have a conseiled bath mixer and a hand held shower and fixed shower with a thermostatic valve.i cannot control the temperature of the water,its too hot and there is a small run of cold water from the bath mixer when i fully open the tap.when i take off the cold water tap and turn the mains on there is a lot of pressure coming through.the boiler temperature is set at 55 deg. can yiu please help?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Plumberpro replied 3 years ago.

Plumberpro : Hi . Make sure that the hot was on the left and cold on the right for the thermostat to work properly . If that's ok , then it may be that the thermostatic cartridge needs replacing. How long has the shower been in and has it been like this from the beginning?
Plumberpro : Hi , could you send a photo of your shower and bath tap ?
JACUSTOMER-c3ji32ar- : Does the thermostatic valve work with the mixer
Plumberpro : I'm not sure as I don't know what model you have. Do you have a seep rat bath mixer an desperate shower mixer?
Plumberpro : Separate , sorry
Plumberpro : I can help you but need as much information as possible
Plumberpro : I am assuming you have a pump on the system. Is that right?
Plumberpro : Hi . If you need no further help , could you please give a positive rating , or if you do then please continue, thanks. Toby
Plumberpro : Hi . Could you please kindly rate your answer please, Thank You
JACUSTOMER-c3ji32ar- : Hi, have you got an email address so I can send you the photos you requested, many thanks.
Plumberpro : Hi . [email protected]
JACUSTOMER-c3ji32ar- : The mixer is a secta.there is no pump on the system.the thermostatic valve only controls the hand held and fixed showers.
Plumberpro : Hi . I f you cannot control the temperature it means the thermostatic cartridge needs replacing.if you know where you bought it , they will be able to order one for you. Regarding the bath tap , just to confirm , do you mean ,when you open the cold bath tap , it only dribbles out?
Plumberpro : Can you please check that your hot is on the left and your cold on the right , when looking straight at the taps , if they are not this way round the thermostat won't work properly