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I have a JLSS1814 fridge freezer made by Electrolux (Model

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I have a JLSS1814 fridge freezer made by Electrolux (Model No ********* 00) and the defrost heater has failed and I am in the process of replacing it.
The fridge freezer has a thermal cutout which has two parts to it, one grey and one white. I removed it whilst replacing the defrost heater and now can't remember which way round it goes, whether the grey part was on the right or the left. Can you help? Thanks.
Are there any markings on the parts?
They should have a temperature marked on them.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The only markings I can read are 9480 36/10 which looks like a batch number. Other markings look like they have washed off.

This is the part:

One part of the sensor plugs onto the cooling pipe and the other on to a stub coming off the end of the pipe.

OK, thanks for that.
The cut out with the shorter bare wires is on the left and the one with the longer bare wires on the right.
This looks to be grey on the right and white on the left.
Hope this helps
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks, ***** ***** how I have fitted it so it saves me taking it apart again. It seems to be working OK at the moment, but need to see if it does a defrost cycle correctly.. If the thermal cutout was fitted the wrong way round would it stop the freezer from functioning, or would it just be a problem if it started to overheat?

No, it wouldn't make very much difference.
They aren't that far apart and if were to overheat, it would still trip the safety thermostat.
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