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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Home Appliance Technician
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where is the drain ( i need to unblock as fridge filling

Customer Question

where is the 'drain' ( i need to unblock as fridge filling with water) on 2 -door fridge model TAAN 6 FNF s (UK) it is not showing in the operator manual ...
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Andrew Smith replied 3 years ago.
***** ***** :

The bootom will slope to either the front or the rear

***** ***** :

At the lowest point you will find a hole about 8mm in diameter

***** ***** :

It may or may not have a small poker to keep the hole clear

***** ***** :

If not then use a straw or similar, this then discharges the water onto a small plastic tray below and this then evaporates over time

Customer: The bottom of what ??? Sorry I asked for a detailed answer this really has not told me what or where I am looking in or outside the fridge ????
Customer: No hole anywhere inside or out you have not provided any useful information in any way - will need to call an engineer . Very very poor response will not be using the serice again or recommend it .
***** ***** :

In the drip tray at the bottom there will be a hole

***** ***** :

Can you confirm this is the Indesit?

***** ***** :

Is the appliance less than 5 years old?

Customer: Yes it is an undesit and yes it is 2 yrs old just. There is NO drop tray only a sealed unit on the inside of fridge NO holes only air vents. Outside of fridge there is a clear plastic hose underneath the heat exchanger grid running the lenthg of fridge to a black v shaped open funnel.
Customer: this is why I sent you the model number so you could look it up.
***** ***** :

If there is no drain then your fridge is supposed to be frost free

***** ***** :

There is no way of stopping the water, it is meant to evaporate inside the fridge a so there is so little

***** ***** :

The hot weather is causing chaos at the moment due to the fridge overworking and every time you open the door it gets a blast of warm air

***** ***** :

The warm air is creating condensation when it hits the cold air inside the fridge

Customer: Yes!! But it is filling with water in sealed fridge units the water still has to drain , hense the hose at the back which is clearly blocked. Again if you looked up the model number I provided you would have been able to ascertain this ...
***** ***** :

But there is no hole for the hose to connect to?

***** ***** :

All I can find it the manufacturers instructions - no exploded diagram

Customer: Nope this is a lot of water and we have had this in high temperatures last year it is more than that ...
***** ***** :

I will open this up to anyone that has Indesit maintenance disks

Customer: Besides it was doing this during the colder weather ... So again this is not the root cause .
Customer: Think I am going to call it quits - and get an engineer in this is not a great use of my time I am afraid