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Hi I have a BDW 1634 Baumatic dishwasher - only 6 months old.

Customer Question

Hi I have a BDW 1634 Baumatic dishwasher - only 6 months old. Suddenly when trying to set a programme the dishwasher fails to come on. I switch on the power button and the programme indicator light flashes as normal but on closing the door the lights go out and a bleeping noise appears. I have tried re setting the dishwasher by holding down the programme button and then pressing the power button but this does not seem to solve the problem. Any ideas please?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Techdesk replied 3 years ago.
The service manual for the BDWi634 (I think this is your machine) shows a delay timer and a display on it.
Do you have this on your machine?
If you do, do you get an error code?
When it beeps, if you open the door, do you get any flashing lights?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes I do have a delay timer.

What is happening is - I switch machine on - programme for normal wash light flashes (153) is seen in display. I shut dishwasher door and immediately it bleeps a short bleep and nothing happens. Sometimes though, on doing the same I open the door and no display lights are on at all but you can hear faint short beeps coming from the machine.

Expert:  Techdesk replied 3 years ago.
OK, thanks for that.
It really sounds like a control board fault on the machine.
There's a possibility the base is flooded and is causing an earth leakage when powered but that would normally trip the mains.
As the machine is only six months old you can't really go taking it apart to try and repair it, without invalidating your warranty.
Baumatic went bust last year but Hoover have bought out the name.
I'd suggest contacting your supplier first and see what they have to say regarding having it repaired.
Let me know what they come back with.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have cleaned out the filter area and soaked up all excess water. I switch on and it seems to start but seconds later stops and bleeps once - I open the door and it is still set for normal wash.

the dishwasher was installed before we bought the house so I am trying to get hold of the builders to find out who they got the d washer from.

Expert:  Techdesk replied 3 years ago.
Thanks for that.
A flooded base is the area below the tub,
Below the door there should be an access panel.
However, a flooded base should generate an error code.
If you find an access panel, unplug the machine.
Open the panel and check to see if the base is flooded.