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Danesmoor 15/19 oil boiler. I recently noted damage to my

Customer Question

Danesmoor 15/19 oil boiler. I recently noted damage to my floor which appeared to come from a leak in the central heating water system. A local plumber has investigated and says that the leak is in the boiler itself and the water has followed the pipe channels to damage the floor. After removing parts of the fitted kitchen to give a better view of the back of the boiler I can see staining caused by the leak but no obvious damage to the body of the boiler. He is trying to sell me a very expensive replacement boiler (from a different supplier) and uprating of the system. How do I confirm (a) that the leak is from the body of the boiler and not just the pipe connection and (b) whether the body can be either repaired eg by welding or replaced using all the "clever" bits of the boiler which function perfectly?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  JamesI replied 3 years ago.


Firstly if its a issue with the boiler vessel I wouldnt look to repair it, repairs often fail after a year or cause fatigue and result in a failure else where in the vessel, due to the rapid heating and cooling associated with boiler.

My suggestion after reading the manual found here is:

  1. Look to see if the pressure relief valve is leaking, or releasing water
  2. Check the pressure gauge, does the pressure look in range
  3. Clean all the pipes and dry them start up the boiler and see if you can see any drips
  4. Use your mobile video function to record areas which are hard to see to look for any other signs of water leaking
  5. Place a piece of paper where you think the leaking is and check the following morning to see if it shows any drips

Depending on the outcome of the above I think your most likly to find the fault is with a valve, elbow or gaugue which is leaking, which can be fixed by resoldering or an extra 1/4 turn of a compression nut.

While your not getting any faults or pressure loss, I would say that it is unlikly to be the boiler, or something which is uneconomical to repair.

As a workaround you could attach some cotton wool around the pipe to prevent any further water seeping down the pipe and damaging your floor again, but this is only a stop gap.

Looking at a manual they do have apointed service engineers who will attend for 'a fee' it may be worth contacting them to see what their fees would be, as they are more likly to want to repair the product than sell you a new boiler.

Expert:  JamesI replied 3 years ago.

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Expert:  JamesI replied 3 years ago.
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