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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Home Appliance Technician
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I have a 2 oven oil fired aga which is sooting up to the point

Customer Question

I have a 2 oven oil fired aga which is sooting up to the point that it extinguishes the flame. I have had the chimney and flues cleaned , the wicks renewed yet after two days the whole interior is completely soothed up. I have checked with the fuel supplier and they are confident that the fuel is not contaminated by them. The aga is now some 45 years old. Can you suggest a reason and a remedy?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Michael replied 3 years ago.
Hi I am sorry to hear that, I am Tech Michael
I will be helping you today.
Please be patient as these are technical issues and take some back and forth until we can be sure of all the details.
We want to be sure we can resolve your issues correctly and as fast as possible for you.
may I have the model #?
Also when the units were cleaned were the air gates cleaned and adjusted?
Thats extremely important.
Also do you you have your oil in a tank or piped in from the street?
Thank you for your patience!

Tech Michael

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Not sure of model no what and where are the air gates.
The fuel comes from a tank
Expert:  Michael replied 3 years ago.
Thanks Stephen. This can happen for a few different reasons.
First, the fuel filter if its got some moisture in it will do this, also if the air adjustment isn't set correctly that will cause this.
But both of these things need to be done by a repairman with knowledge of this.
I would call the tech back because sometimes they make the adjustment and don't tighten the screws so it slips back I have even accidentally done this myself and I have over 30 years of hands on experience with these. It is also possible that you got a bad batch of oil. This happens as well.
No additional cost to you to rate and then I will stick with you until this is fixed and working as it should.
Thank you Stephen and have a great day!
Tech Michael

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Where is the air afdjustment?
Expert:  Michael replied 3 years ago.
Hi Stephen,first of all you would only make things worse if you don't experience on making adjustments there. Also I will need the full model # to be sure which one you have to advise you further.
This is really a job for an experienced technician as its very dangerous to fiddle with this without experience.
Thank you for your patience as this is a technical question and many factors play into this problem and the cause for the soot can be one of many things.
Expert:  Michael replied 3 years ago.
Hi Stephen, please don't start new questions as that confuses thing, pleas only reply to this thread.
We need the full model number (s) to know which units you have.
Thank you for your patience.
Tech Michael
Expert:  Andrew Smith replied 3 years ago.
Do you have the model number from inside the door or the badge off the top of the burner?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
The only number that I can find is cast on the burner door.
The number is AHL2-689 possibly
Expert:  Andrew Smith replied 3 years ago.
I will look into this for you.
It will down the poor air supply it is getting. Make sure all the air vents around the bottom of the Arga are clear and clean.
Not enough air creates poor combustion and therefore soot.
Expert:  Andrew Smith replied 3 years ago.
It could all be about the way it is cleaned also.
Follow this thread about cleaning the right bits;