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my indesit INTS1610 w/- ice box is not cooling. inside temp

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my indesit INTS1610 w/- ice box is not cooling. inside temp 13deg


Can you hear the compressor at the bottom of the appliance running?


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes, compressor is running. Ice box is around minus 4 C, but main compartment is 13 degs.

Tried to clear drain hole at the back.


Ok if the compressor is running but the fridge isn't getting cold then im afraid you have a system fault on this.

Its either a poor pumping compressor or short of gas. For this you need to get a fridge engineer in as they will need to put there gauges on there to see whats happening in the there and what pressure the compressor is pumping at.

This isn't a diy fix im afraid as when the compressor is replaced it needs to be regassed back up. But this isn't going to be a cheap fix. If its a compressor fault then you are looking at about the £200-300 mark. Or if a regas then its about the £140. But only a fridge engineer can do this as they have the gauges and gas to do it.

Sorry its not good news but if you need anymore info just get back to me.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.
The icebox is minus 4, as already stated, so the compressor must be working. The main fridge area is the problem. Is there a fan which should circulate the cold air.?
No need to send me 18 reminders of rating you. Nothing resolved yet.
Br Chris


Just because the ice box is -4 doesn't mean the compressor is working correctly.

As if you get a poor pumping compressor you get this fault. As a compressor first pumps the gas around the coldest evaporator in there so as this is a fridge with ice box it goes round the ice box first. Then it goes into the fridge and around the fridge evaporator.

This is just a wet wall fridge so it doesn't have a fan. It relays on the compressor pumping the gas around the fridge evaporator unit.

So as the compressor is running the thermostat is doing its job so all it leaves is the fridge system. Its either a poor pumping compressor or a blockage in the system. Either way this isn't a diy fix as a fridge engineer has to put there gauges on the pipe work at the back to see which it is.

As to the 18 reminders of not rating I don't send them. Its done automatically if a question is left open it sends reminders so its not me sending them.

If you need anymore info just get back to me.


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