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JamesI, Handyman
Category: Appliance
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Bosch Rotak 34 LI -- battery jammed in the mower. We thought

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Bosch Rotak 34 LI -- battery jammed in the mower. We thought it must have overheated during heavy use, but now it has cooled down and still won't budge.
Can't see a way to get anything under the end of it to try and lever it out.
Thanks for your advice.
JamesInch :

Hi, it is possible if the battery overheated it has melted the plastic so its contracted making it stiff, or maybe one of the battery terminals forming carbon causing it to stick with the mower's terminal.

My advice is not to use any tools to force it out, but making sure if there is a clip at the top this is clear with one hand then with the palm of you hand give it a good hit into the more and up and should free it.

If this doesnt work use some WD40 and give it a good spray it shouldnt cause any electrical damage, if this doesnt work the next thing to do is start removing the top cover, but that can be very involved especially when I think the battery needs removed to get to one of the screws.


Many thanks. Have tried the 'firm smack' and copious WD40. Some progress as the battery is now jiggling so definitely not fused solid. Managed to get some leverage behind it without removing the plastic cover but still no joy. Will try again when the WD40 has had a chance to soak well in, but it doesn't feel promising.
Guess we now need to find a service centre, but thank you very much for your suggestions.

JamesInch :

I would take it down to B&Q and ask for one of their garden team, if you say you have lost the receipt they will probably help you free of charge. Its just knowing how much force to apply without cracking the case.

I would maybe try and put a large flat spatula down the side of the battery and try and free the side, maybe prising the case away may help free it, but at least its not jammed solid.

I also would put any more WD40 down the unit as it has to be cleaned of the terminals once ti frees them it was just used to try and break up any dirt, crass or carbon which may have got in, so your probably at your limit with the WD40

JamesInch :

*I wouldnt put....


We have a local B&Q so a good plan -- thanks. Will try the spatula trick too.
Won't take up any more of your time so goodbye and many thanks indeed for your help!

JamesInch :

No problem, I would appreciate if you could rate the service you have received today so I can close this case.

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