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JamesI, Handyman
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  I have repaired and maintained numerous items over the years, from fridges to freezers, radios to TV's.
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Siemens American fridge freezer freezer

Customer Question

Siemens American fridge freezer freezer side started defrosting from the top and water dripping out of ice maker
Model KA58NA50GB/07E. FD8801
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  JamesI replied 3 years ago.

JamesInch :

Hi, sorry for the delay.

I cant find the engineer manual for your model unfortunately however assuming your ice cube compartment is water cooled, but Siemens units are a nightmare, are you sure you need to add anti freeze (ie its using water coolant)?

My guess is you need to get the gas topped up, which is no easy job as you have to often cut the pipes to do it.

However anti freeze is generally added to via the top up valve, this can often be found on the bottom rear of the machine, note its not the inlet for drinking water but a smaller push fit valve, you attached a flex hose filled with anti freeze to the top up valve, then the other end to mains water to 'pressurize the system'. It is not easy job, and can cause more harm than good, I would suggest you get an engineer out.

Saying that have you checked the rear has adequate ventilation, the ice make door has been properly closed and the seals around the unit are all good?

JACUSTOMER-bsfyvxgn- : I do not understand answer ice cube compartment is removable from freezer it is on rails. The problem is the whole top compartment of freezer starts to defrost. I removed ice last night and it has now started freezing again.
JACUSTOMER-bsfyvxgn- : thanks Jon
JamesInch :

Hi, sorry it appears two questions got merged, I have now managed to isolate your question.

JamesInch :

Right this sounds like a door seal issue as the fridge is getting cold clearly, but moisture is forming which in most cases is due to a poor door seal

JamesInch :

Sorry that should have been check the freezer door seal

JamesInch :

The other thing to check is the clearance at the back of the unit, as it may be the motor is overheating and so temperature is fluctuating.

JACUSTOMER-bsfyvxgn- : Hi fridge has been in place for six years and never had problem before. How do I confirm if door seal is NG.
JACUSTOMER-bsfyvxgn- : Thanks
JamesInch :

Open the door run your finger along it to see if there are any rips in it, then shut the door and check the seal is touching the freezer. you may need to open the fridgedoor to check all the way round.
It could simply just be your door needs adjusting to make the seal sits tighter, I

JamesInch :

Have you checked what the freezer temperature is correct in the other sections, it may also be worth checking the clearance is still the same as it was previously as if the motor start overheating that can cause performance issues.

But it does sound like a door seal issue on the face of it

JACUSTOMER-bsfyvxgn- : Hi I have checked door seal and it looks fine. Are you sure it cannot be anything else. I have checked temp in lower section of freezer and it is not as cold as it should be but colder than the top.
JACUSTOMER-bsfyvxgn- : thanks jon
JACUSTOMER-bsfyvxgn- : Hi I do not want to rate poorly but I cannot see problem as door seal it fits tight all the way around and is in good condition.
JamesInch :

Hi Jon,
Sorry about the delay in getting back to you.
If the door seal is working correctly its likly to be one of three things. The coolant gas has leaked out and needs recharged, the compressor has gone faulty or the thermister which measures the tempature is giving an incorrect reading

JamesInch :

My view is that its the thermister, which is by chance the chepest part to replace.
This is normally located in the unit which controls the temp settings, turn the temp up to its highest setting, give it 5 minutes then go back and turn it down to the lowest setting, wait a minute and see if the compressor starts. If it does repeat the step again but this time start highest setting and go down to middle way, and see if it starts.
What we want to do is prove is the thermistor is actually telling the compressor to start at the right time, if its only comming on when at the lowest setting its time to replace the themermistor.
Do you have a multi meter, as this would be needed to fault find issues with the compressor.

JACUSTOMER-bsfyvxgn- : Sorry I have give negative feedback to answeruk as I thought you had given up . I have just noticed your last post. I will obviously give positive rating if I manage to fix with latest info. Temp is controlled from pad on front of freezer so cannot see anything looking like a sensor on inside there. What is in freezer is a cover with a plastic cylinder with a wire connected is this the thermistor.
JamesInch :

Yes, this is the thermistor

JamesInch :

I dont have a picture of it, so if you want you can send me a picture and I can confirm?