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LG Inverter Direct Drive 7KG F1256qd model will not dispense

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LG Inverter Direct Drive 7KG F1256qd model will not dispense fabric conditioner from drawer during washing cycles
JamesInch :

So I understand correctly you have filled the fabric conditioner in the draw, and at the end of the wash the conditioner is still present?

JamesInch :

The most likly cause is the draw is clogged up, I would first remove the draw from the unit and give it a good clean with hot water to remove debrit.

If the draw is clean and still causing an issue the next most common issue is a failed valve, there is a seperate valve which controls the water flow to each compartment of the draw.

To get to it you need to remove the top lid, there should be 3 of them, one for pre wash, one for wash and one for conditioner.

You should be able to find the right one by following where the tubes go to.

These parts are normally cheap to replace, and you can test the unit by swapping the fly leads over between the conditioner and prewas and then put the machine on rinse and see if the conditioner is empty after.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Following your advice, took cover off, cleaned hoses, rinsed valve. Removed drawer compartment and carried out a thorough clean, included taking the lid off to enable cleaning shower holes and ducts (immersed it in hot water for a while as well). Replaced all parts, ran two successful rise & spin programs with conditioner in drawer. Appears okay now, does not appear to be a faulty valve just the more inaccessible parts (without taking anything apart) were clogged up.

Thanks for advice.