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Hi I have a Creda Thermo Shower model no 171351 g It has flow

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Hi I have a Creda Thermo Shower model no 171351 g
It has flow rate settings 1-7 (7 stopped working a couple of weks ago) now its getting worse and worse by the day it only works consistently now on flow rate 3 (it works on 4 for a while then the little red light dims and it shuts off) On flow rate 3 it will keep working but is definately getting worse all the time
Plumberpro :

Hi . my names Toby . I will help . can you take off the shower head and see if the showerworks OK without the shower head please


Hi Toby, I have taken off the shower head and it still has the same problem. I have also tried detaching it back to the end of the shower pipe at the shower unit (eg turning the shower on and the water runs down the wall tiles.) I have tried many things before requesting help on here. I have tried to see if it works differently on just hot temp or just cold temp and its always the same. As soon as the power is above setting 3 (bearing in mind there are 7 settings) then the shower just shuts off. you can oress the on for a second but the pump starts then shuts off almost instantly. If you pressure switches down to 3 or below then it stays on. This is not a new problem either and has been getting worse over the last few weeks. eg 3 weeks ago you could use pressure settings 1 to 6 but if pressed 7 then pump stopped. This has gradually reduced now down to setting 3 or under to make it work. I am sure that in the forthcoming weeks it will just become unusable. I am tempted to just buy another shower but to be honest if the problem is beyond the unit itself and to do with the water coming in etc then I will hace the same problem. The water coming in comes cold from the tank in the loft and the hot comes from the big copper unsultaed tank the other side of the wall. Both have the thinner of the 2 size pipes (I think its 15mm copper pipe. Hope you can help me and save me 250 on new shower.

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Hi . the heater element most probably is scaled up and on the higher settings because the element is receiving more power the water , being restricted is overheating and switching off on the over heat stat . if you can remove the heater can try to flush it out and fill with a descaler overnight to see if this solves it