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Michael, Customer Service
Category: Appliance
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i have recently bought a sharp er-a490 cash register 2nd hand.

Customer Question

i have recently bought a sharp er-a490 cash register 2nd hand. i was checking to make sure all the buttons were working when it just switched off. i can not get it to work since. i have changed the fuse and still no joy. any idea?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Michael replied 3 years ago.
Hi I'm sorry to hear that.
Have you tried a different electrical outlet? Or verify there is power there?
Also how long ago did you obtain this register?
Thank you
Tech Michael
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Tried different sockets. I have it about 3 weeks now I bought it from a charity shop as I am soon to start a business but had to order the keys separately I have only just received the keys and hoped that would have solved it.

Any suggestions as to how to check there is power?

thank you

Expert:  Michael replied 3 years ago.
Hi Sharon, thank you for that information.
The problem is going to be the internal power supply and there are lots of parts they don't sell unfortunately:-(
You will need to order that circuit board and I can help you swap then out.
It can be fixed this model but you will need to buy that board and have a few basic hand tools to do this. Unless, you have a warranty on the register, then you can simply return it for either a refund or exchange?
I wish I had better news for you I really do, been there too in the past.Please let me know what you are going to do with this and PLEASE RATE KINDLY BEFORE CLOSING THIS PAGE, so your question will NOT close or TIME OUT ;-)
No additional cost to you to rate and then I will stick with you until this is fixed and working as it should.
Thank you Sharon and have a great day!
Tech Michael