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HAVE JUST HAD TO DEFROST the fan vent in freezer section of

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HAVE JUST HAD TO DEFROST the fan vent in freezer section of Samsung RL34SC
but where is the drain hole? The drain reservoir at the back is still dry.
Hope you can help.
have you removed the rear wall of the freezer inside, thats where the vent starts. You will see a small drip pan that has a hole in it, that hole is likely blocked, easy to fix with a piece of stiff wire pushed through it so that the water can drain into the pan underneath the unit;-) You don't want to force the wire or use anything too stiff, like a coat hangar would be too hard for sure.
Also if you have any other defrost issues that pop up please let me know or if you need additional advice please let me know that as well.
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Thank you and have a wonderful day!
Tech Michael
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Michael,

Just got round to looking at the fridge,as in spite of your quick and clear answer I need more info.

All I see when I remove the inner panel by removing a single centre screw, is the fan and then the vent slot a few cms below it.

Do I have to remove the second inside back panel that is shaped to come down either side of the fan and slot - is the drain hole behind that. The ends of screws show through that panel so I suppose I have to unscrew them from outside at the back. I'm a bit wary of dismantling too many parts.

Sorry if I'm being a bit obtuse.

Hope you can help,


Hi Keith,
you may need to remove the shelf brackets on the sides if yours has them.
Then any screws that hold the rear wall inside the freezer to get that wall out.
Then you should see the fan and the coils, and the defrost heater and just below that is the little dip pan and the hole that needs to be cleared:-)
Hope that helps.
Tech Michael
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Michael,

I have taken the inside back panel of by removing one centre screw.

I am now faced with another panel. The screws I can see are one either side at the bottom of the panel but screwed in from the other side - I can only see the points of them.

Then there is a screw either side of the fan ( 2oclock and 8oclock) these are recessed quite deep. If I wiggle the panel the fan moves as well - and there is some form of thermocouple clipped to the panel on the right.

I'm unsure what to do.



Hi that theromcouple is actually called a Bi-Metal sensor very important.
Do what you need to to get that wall off as back there is where you need to fix this;-) Just be gentile ;-)
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

That panel is off - behind is cooling tubes - have melted of ice - there is only a square vent on the right partly behind the tubes that appears to go upwards. Can't see any outlet in the bottom of tubes recess where the melted ice water is - help!

Hi please explain better, Im not sure what your saying.
There should be a drip pan just below the defrost heater, do you see that?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Just a piece of thin metal with metal saddles holding the bottom tubes to it.

This rests on the formed plastic back of the freezer compartment.Can't lift that without bending the tubes.

Hi thats the Bi Metal:-)
It should be clipped so that it comes off easily, let me know what you see.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I think I'm close to giving up - tried poking wire up drain tube from outside at back over the drain tray which is completely dry however there is water on the floor, so it gets out somewhere.

Hi, this could be a bad leaking drain tube but that is very rare.
Is the water or ice forming in the fridge section?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No,only ice in the bottom of the freezer

Hi that means that there is a blockage in the drain hole behind the rear wall inside the freezer causing the water to run into the freezer compartment instead of of the into the drain pan below.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Michael,
I seem to have finally done it.
Having taken out both inside freezer panels I defrosted with hair dryer,dried water and levered up the tubes on their base plate as much as I dare as they were bending somewhat - still couldn't see outlet. Took out drip tray and took off bottom panel on back outside of f/f and had to drill and scrape ice from inside drip tube which was frozen really hard. Also aimed hot air up it through a plastic funnel.Using a mirror I could see up the tube and could see when it was clear. It's been ice free for a couple of weeks now.
Thanks for your help,

Your welcome Keith;-)