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Michael, Customer Service
Category: Appliance
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Hi, I have a Creda C361E cooker. The timer panel has gone blank

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Hi, I have a Creda C361E cooker. The timer panel has gone blank and the main oven, light and fan have stopped working. Are these two things connected? The top oven and rings work. I had a new main oven element fitted about nine months ago.
Hi sorry to hear that. in answer to your question, yes the clock is an integral part of the main controller.
In this case you need a new main control board all of it is included.
Its easy to replace if you want to do this yourself with my help?
Please let me know.
If you will rate my service to you thus far as ok or better, before closing this page, I will be able stick with you until this fixed.
Please note it won't cost you anything more to rate, and it WILL ensure your question won't time out or end unexpectedly, then you can always contact me the very same way at no additional cost;-)
Thank you and have a wonderful day!
Tech Michael
Michael and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi again Michael, the main control panel you mentioned, where can I get one as I can't seem to find one or does it go under another name? Please can you tell me where it is located within the cooker. Thank you. Sandra Earwaker.

Hi Sandra,
The part is actually part of the clock.
All of that is one component.
Your best bet is to call Ransom Spares: 0844 4999111.
Let me know if they have that main control board for you.
Thank you
Tech Michael
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you, I looked at Ransom Spares, price £90.10 Espares £76.75. I am waiting for my son to check wiring as once before on this cooker I had a loose connection.

Hi thats fine but in my experience it is almost never the wiring as ling as power is getting to your oven.
Tech Mike
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Michael, bought new part, in the meantime we had a short power outage. when it came back on so did the clock/timer/main oven!!! Most likely a gooey terminal. Has been fine since. Now have spare part.

Thats great!