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JamesI, Handyman
Category: Appliance
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Can i replace the thermal fuse on hoover aquavision condenser

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Can i replace the thermal fuse on hoover aquavision condenser dryer myself?
JamesInch :

This error doesnt relate to the thermal fuse, have you isolated the fault to this device?


All google search responses to the E08 error on DYC8813B (Hoover Aquavision condenser dryer) indicate thermal fuse error. do you have an alternative solution?

JamesInch :

Sorry you feel you have received poor service today, the E08 error is not specific to the thermal fuse but the pre check performed for engaging the motor and heating element.
So this could be a fault with the motor, element, fuse or main board.
Its unusual for the thermal fuse to go faulty, something is either causing it to trip, or the main board is at fault.

JamesInch :

In terms of replacing the thermal fuse, it mounted on the same bracket holding the heating element so you should be able to access that from removing the top panel. My advise however is to check its at fault by using a multi meter though, its probably about a 30 minute job to remove the cover, free the bracket, swap the part over and rescuer everything again.


Thanks for detailed answer.

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