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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Home Appliance Technician
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Hi, I have a very old worcester combi bf & of boiler. I had

Customer Question

Hi, I have a very old worcester combi bf & of boiler.
I had a new gas meter fitted today so the boiler went out. Up to this point the boiler was working fine. I have followed the instructions to re ignite, but it doesn't work. It doesn't light. If I keep pressing the red ignition button as I release the grey button I see a small spark but it doesn't flare up at all. It is as if there is no gas getting through, but I have checked several times and the gas is on. Any advise would be much appreciated.
Cindy :)
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Andrew Smith replied 3 years ago.

Andrew Smith : There will have been a lot of air introduced into the gas pipeline.
Andrew Smith : You may have to hold the gas valve button down for a couple of minutes at a time before pressing the ignitor to get the gas to come though such a small hole
JACUSTOMER-cvk458fx- : Should I have the boiler set to off or heating and hot water when doing this? Thanks for the fast reply
Andrew Smith : it will make no difference, the boiler will not fire until the pilot is lit, holds and you let go of the button
JACUSTOMER-cvk458fx- : I have held the grey button down for 2 to 3 minutes and then re ignite. I have done this twice but it still won't light. I can't even see a spark. I will keep trying
Andrew Smith : Let me know if it is not lit in 10 minutes?
JACUSTOMER-cvk458fx- : Will do :)
Andrew Smith : No problem
JACUSTOMER-cvk458fx- : We have tried 4 times, but still nothing. It doesn't spark when we hit the ignite button.
JACUSTOMER-cvk458fx- : If I keep hitting the ignite button as I release the grey button it sparks when the grey button is almost fully released, but doesn't stat a light.
Andrew Smith : Ok, you will need to take the front case off and see if you can get to the ignition electrodes and see if you can clean them to see if you can get them to spark
Andrew Smith : Ok, so it lights?
Andrew Smith : But fails to stay lit when you release the gas valve button?
JACUSTOMER-cvk458fx- : No it just sparks for a second. Do I need to turn the gas off before I unscrew the casing as there are warning stickers saying the pressure cover needs to be replaced safely
Andrew Smith : It may be that the pilot is blocked so there is no gas there to light.
Andrew Smith : If you take the case off you will hear the gas if it is coming through
Andrew Smith : If you make sure the boiler is off at the timer then it cannot fire up with the case off
JACUSTOMER-cvk458fx- : Ok I'll give it a go and get back to you
Andrew Smith : No problem
JACUSTOMER-cvk458fx- : i've just seen another sticker that says isolate the mains supply before removing cover, just wanted to double check it is ok to carry on with out doing this
JACUSTOMER-cvk458fx- : I didn't want to take the cover off with the warning sticker with out your say so.
JACUSTOMER-cvk458fx- : It is late now so I think I'll try again in the morning.
JACUSTOMER-cvk458fx- :

Hi Andrew,

JACUSTOMER-cvk458fx- :

You went off line for quite a while last night and I wasn't comfortable taking the casing off the boiler with the warning signs and not being in touch with you.

JACUSTOMER-cvk458fx- :

It seems to me like there isn't any gas coming through but the gas is working.

JACUSTOMER-cvk458fx- :

When I have the grey (gas release) button in and hit the ignition button there is no spark.

JACUSTOMER-cvk458fx- :

When I release the grey button and it is almost fully released and I keep hitting the ignition button there is one spark but it doesn't light.

JACUSTOMER-cvk458fx- :

I will be back on line tonight once I have the kids in bed so probably about 8pm. Maybe if you have any ideas I can try them then?

Andrew Smith : When you release the grey button there is no gas coming out, perhaps the ignition electrode is dirty and not creating a hot enough spark to light the gas, but without the case off you do not know for sure if the gas is coming out of the pilot assembly
Andrew Smith : You may have to take the case off to be sure, or call someone out to clean the electrode or unblock the pilot assembly
Expert:  Plumberpro replied 3 years ago.
Hi . you should have called back whoever changed the Meter . by law they have to recheck all the appliances and relight them .
Expert:  Andrew Smith replied 3 years ago.
Did you manage to get this sorted?
Plumberpro is correct in what he says, but only if you can get hold of them as most of them do not even leave a card.
You could speak to your supplier if this is still an issue.