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Plumberpro, Home Appliance Technician
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I have just had a bosh integrated washer dryer wkd28350gb delivered.

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I have just had a bosh integrated washer dryer wkd28350gb delivered. The manual doesn't seem to explain how to reduce the time on a programme. Can you explain how to do this please
Plumberpro :

Hi press and hold the option button and then scroll through until r flexi time comes up . then you have the option of short , medium and long

Customer: Can you please elaborate. When I scroll through I don't get flexi. Ipresume the 3 bars is the time the programme takes short medium ling but I can't alter those. When you use the option button it just scrolls down the red light against the symbols on the panel. Help!!!!
Plumberpro :

Hi . I'm opting out as I have been called out and don't know how long I'll be .another expert will come in to help

Plumberpro :

ashing and drying options

Hi this is from the manual

option button

set button

Washing options

T - (Prewash)


- (Intensive)

Q - (Easy-iron)

R - (Water Plus)

R - Flexi Time

C - Signal

0 (Finished in time)


The set washing programmes can be individually adjusted.

To choose the required washing option:

press the option button repeatedly until the required washing option is

selected (indicator lamp flashes).

Press the set button to switch the washing option on or off (indicator

lamp is lit/not lit).


If you press and hold the option button, the appliance scrolls through all

the washing options.

Prewash at 35 °C. Suitable for heavily soiled laundry.

Prolonged washing time. Suitable for heavily soiled laundry with dried-on

stains. Cannot be combined with R Flexi Time.

Sets the washing time: normal-medium-short
Plumberpro :

I think you scroll through the option button , and when you get to flexi Time , press the set button to adjust

Customer: Doesn't work on my machine. The number inside GB28350GG/05.. I donot
Customer: Doesn't work on my machine I have a GB28350GB/05. The options are symbols I.e
Customer: bowl with water in
Customer: teashirt
Customer: iron
Customer: bowl with arrow pointing upwards
Customer: 3 bars large medium and small
Customer: lar
Customer: Speaker. Red light just goes up and down hope you understand this
Plumberpro :

Hi . yes I see that , but arent there other buttons underneath those leds and symbols

Plumberpro :

One of those buttons is the option button , one is the set button

Plumberpro :

Second button along from left is option next is set

Customer: Yes there is the option button but when you press it it just sends the little red light up and down the symbols
Plumberpro :

Did you press and hold it?

Plumberpro :

Did it work?

Customer: When you press and hold it just makes the red light above it with symbols go up and down
Plumberpro :

Ok .when it gets to 5th symbol down , press set and see what happens .

Plumberpro :

Then press set and it should go short medium long wash as indicated by bars

Plumberpro :

Right , just to reconfirm . press and hold options button then scroll down 5 times till it gets to bar symbol then press set to change short medium and long bar. I think it will show on the display what one is selected

Customer: Thank you that worked. This should all be explained in the manual!
Plumberpro :

Wow , that was hard work . it wasn't very clear. Anyway take care. . could you rate me , thanks. , Toby

Customer: It was hardwork
Plumberpro : Would you mind rating me please , thanks .
Plumberpro : Hope it works well for you
Plumberpro :

Hi , could you please rate me ok or better , thanks

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