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I have an AEG Favola plus (LM5200) espresso machine. The cleaning

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I have an AEG Favola plus (LM5200) espresso machine.
The cleaning and care instructions in the instruction booklet describe cleaning the coffee spout by pulling fully down then removing by pulling it towards you.
I have not been able to remove the spout despite pulling quite firmly but do not want to risk damaging the mahcine.
Is there a knack to this - or is there an alternative way of cleaning, e.g. by operating with no capsule to flush it through?
Hi, you are doing that correctly:-)
sometimes its pretty tight. You can try wiggling it slightly, almost twisting it a bit. But make sure you pull it toward you.
Thant should do it:-) Alternatively you can pretty much run a descale and simply wipe the outside clean, then you wont need to take that spout off.
If you will rate my service to you thus far as ok or better, before closing this page, I will be able stick with you until this fixed.
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Thank you and have a wonderful day!
Tech Michael
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes - finally persuaded it to come off. Thanks for giving me the confidence to keep trying, twisting a bit certainly seemed to help.

Having got it off, putting it back was also quite tricky - not sure I'll bother again. De-scaler looks a better bet.

Thanks Smile

You are very welcome!
Please rte kindly before closing this page and have a great weekend!
Tech Mike
I'm glad you got it off!
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