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Zanussi zcg662 oven problems! We recently bought this appliance

for our new home admittedly... Show More
for our new home admittedly we haven't used it much yet but everything that we have used works fine. Both ovens ignite and gain temp and all 4 hobs work perfectly however the grill doesn't ignite. It starts burning but loses ignition as soon as we let go of the button. Tried with door open and closed and with the glass lid up and down to no avail. Used the manual but it's not solved the problem. It was installed by a gas safe engineer so no problems regarding plumbing in. Any help?
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If the grill lits but goes out once you let go of the knob then what you will find is the thermocouple for the grill is the fault here. As the thermocouple is the flame sensor so when it lits it sends a signal back to the thermostat telling it the gas has lit. If its going out when you let go then the thermostat is getting the signal its lit when it is.

From the sounds of this is new under warrenty so if so get in touch with Zanussi and they will repair it for you as it is a fault on the appliance itself.

But if theres no warrenty then you need to replace the thermocouple for the grill and that will sort it.

If you need anymore info just get back to me.

Customer reply replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for a speedy reply, will get in touch with them tomorrow and get them to sort it as it's covered by warranty. Many thanks :)

No worries. They should carry them on the van so they should get it sorted first time for you.