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I have a Fridge/Freezer model # ***** which regularly collects

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I have a Fridge/Freezer model # ***** which regularly collects ice in the bottom tray in the freezer . This is because the drain freezes up are therfore cannot drain. I have had service engineers clear it several times but the situation reoccurs. Can you recommend a more permanent solution?
Hi, This may very well be a defrost issue and there are a few parts that will need to be checked and replaced. I usually tell most of my customers, once you are going through the trouble to take it all apart may as well replace the Defrost timer, the heater element and the sensor.
But before you spend money on any of that. You need to defrost the whole thing with the door open for 24 hours.
Then clean up any standing water. Next plug it back in and let me know what happens over the course of a week.
If it doesn't frost up Great no issues.
But if it does this again please let me know and I will direct you on where to get those parts and how to complete this. Sometimes even frost free units will do this depending on outside humidity and temp.
This sounds like a part in the defrost system has failed. One of two things, either the Bi Metal sensor on the cooling coils or the defrost heater, we will get to that.
Please rate kindly so I can stick with you:-)
Thank you
Tech Michael
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your reply. This problem has occured several times now and I have had engineers (through insurance) remove the back panel in the freezer compartment and defrost the tray and drainage tube. I have now done this myself but after several weeks the tube obviously freezes up again. and eventually the defrosted water leaking in the bottom of the freezer compartment turns into ice. I was hoping there could be a more permanent solution. Maybe it is a design fault!