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Whirlpool hot tub spa jacuzzi 2009 I have emptied the hot

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Whirlpool hot tub spa jacuzzi 2009
I have emptied the hot tub(something i have completed many times before)but this time i left it empty for 3 weeks while i was on holiday.
I filled up the hot tub over the weekend.
The bubbles work fine.How ever their is a picture of a tap crossed out on the control panel & the heater wont come on or the jets

Hi, my name is ***** ***** I have been in the home improvement and repair field for 20 years. I will be very glad to help you today. If you remove the filter and try without the filter does it work then? I am not suggesting this as a solution but as a test.

JACUSTOMER-yg3ou8eq- : Hi mike
JACUSTOMER-yg3ou8eq- : I have taken out the filter and the tap with a line through is still indicated on the control panel

The jets will still not come on? Is it full enough that all the jets are under water?

JACUSTOMER-yg3ou8eq- : Yes mate

The circulation pump will not come on?

JACUSTOMER-yg3ou8eq- : Definite power to the tub as the air bubbles work when turned on. Heater and jets won't come on due to the tap sign indicating not enough water, but tub is full cheers

Alright, thank you for the information. If you run the hose for a second into the filter housing then there may be an air bubble in there preventing the flow sensor from sensing the water.

JACUSTOMER-yg3ou8eq- : Hi tried that suggestion. Tap error still showing. Sorry

It is a tap symbol and not a thermometer symbol?

JACUSTOMER-yg3ou8eq- : Definitely a tap with a line through it

If you loosen the massage selector cap do you hear air hiss out?

JACUSTOMER-yg3ou8eq- : Sorry where is that please?

You may not have the Jacuzzi model with a massager then.

JACUSTOMER-yg3ou8eq- : Don't think so

How about if you repeatedly push the JETS! button. I still have to think that there is an air lock causing the issue. It is either that or the flow sensor is failed and needing replacing. There is either air around the sensor or the sensor has failed. Pushing the JETS1 button repeatedly may push the air out also.

JACUSTOMER-yg3ou8eq- : Pressing several times repeatedly. Sorry nothing happening

This is Jacuzzi correct?

JACUSTOMER-yg3ou8eq- : Hot tub jacuzzi

There is no other code displayed like FLO? FLC?

JACUSTOMER-yg3ou8eq- : Sorry didn't think answer had gone

No problem here. Is there any other message displayed such as FLO or FLC?

JACUSTOMER-yg3ou8eq- : No just the tap

Interesting that only a symbol is displayed. The pressure switch is not registering that the water is in the lines. The diaphragm in the pressure switch is probably dried out or sticking. It is mounted on the heater.


You can jump the contacts on the pressure switch with a piece of wire to see if the message goes away but do not do it for long just in case there is an air pocket in the heater causing the pressure switch to not switch.

JACUSTOMER-yg3ou8eq- : How do I unstick it please

It is not repairable you will have to replace the pressure switch.


Full Size Image

JACUSTOMER-yg3ou8eq- : Ok so do you think I need a new pressure switch?

Yes you certainly do.


Sorry for the long trip to get there. I just wanted to be sure.

JACUSTOMER-yg3ou8eq- : Ok mate thanks

You are very welcome.


If you would like to positively rate my service at this point that is done with the smiley faces. Have a great day and thank you also. I will be here if something else comes up. Mike

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Mike

i have changed the pressure switch,but i still have the crossed out tap sign as an error and the heater or jets still dont work?

cheers Alan

With the pump running do you have voltage to the heater? I am traveling until Wed so my responses may be quite delayed until then but I'll always respond. Mike
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi mike
The pumps aren't running. Only the air for bubbles only
Cheers Alan
Is there power to the pump? Are you able to test the voltage there with a multi-meter? Is the pump humming or anything like that?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Pumps are not making any noise

Alright, are you able to test for power at the pump with a multi-meter? If you are not familiar with testing voltages they do have a tool that lights up when near voltage that is perfect for the novice voltage tester.