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canuck the pro
canuck the pro, Plumber
Category: Appliance
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Digihome 42DLED3D905 42" LED Tv won't power up any more. Power

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Digihome 42DLED3D905 42" LED Tv won't power up any more.
Power lead checked out ok.
No standby light seen.
Thinking of ordering a PSU from eBay?
Anything else I could try? Internal fuse?
Thank you
canuck the pro :

Hi, my name is ***** ***** I have been in the home improvement and repair field for 20 years. I will be very glad to help you today. Does the power indicator light come on? If so is it blinking or solid? If the light does come on does the sound come on?

Customer: No power light at all and no sound
canuck the pro :

Have you removed the back? Do you have a multi-meter and do you know how to use it?

Customer: I have a multimeter and know how to check for continuity and voltage - haven't removed the back yet - was going to do this when ordering a new PSU off eBay
canuck the pro :

I would not order anything until finding out what is wrong.

Customer: So just follow the power supply route and keep checking for power yes?
canuck the pro :

Yes. Check that there is power to the power supply. Look for any leaking capacitors on the board. That would confirm the power supply is at issue. If a capacitor is leaking or bulging and if you can solder then you will only have to solder in a new capacitor.

Customer: Ok I will check it out - good advice
Customer: I can pick those up at Maplins
canuck the pro :

Just be sure to get an exact match. Do you know what to look for in a bulging or leaking capacitor? It is the easiest repair and the least expensive.

canuck the pro :

Also on Ebay they do have services that will allow you to send the power supply in for repair for a fraction of the cost of a replacement. When you purchase one and they say it is new it is not. Almost always salvaged from another broken item. Refurbished is about the closest to new you will find.

Customer: Yes I've seen this before - they're actually disfigured - I guess there will still be some continuity through the pins (legs) even if blown yes?
canuck the pro :

Maybe. Almost always you can tell from just looking at them. If the top is not perfectly flat then it is bad. Also there are a couple of fusable links but it is hard to order some of them. The capacitors are the easiest if you are a novice repair person. Otherwise just investigate with your multimeter if there is voltage at all. If there is voltage then disconnect the T-con board and see if the backlight lights up. Unlikely since there is not power at all. Almost certainly it is a power supply issue. Hopefully a fuse and sometimes there is a reset next to the power supply plug in. Might be as simple as that. Just a matter of a little exploratory surgery. Before anything call the manufacturer. They may warranty it even if it is out of warranty.

Customer: Ah ok - yes I might possibly use the board repair service if I am not confident about my soldering skills
canuck the pro :

Good idea. If you do not do a good job soldering then it may damage more components.

canuck the pro :

Call the manufacturer before anything though. With some gentle but firm complaining you may get a technician for free. It never hurts to try.

Customer: I'll chat to the Digihome guys and see if they're interested in repairing it.
Customer: sorry out messages are slightly out of sync
canuck the pro :

No problem at all. The result is not affected by the rhythm!

Customer: True - I'll crack on with it anyway and hopefully save myself 400 quid!
canuck the pro :

Very good! Good luck I think it will turn out great!

canuck the pro :

Please feel free to positively rate my service with the smiley faces. If anything comes up you can still inquire here even after rating and I will always respond. Mike

Customer: Cheers ***** ***** thanks for the sound advice
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