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canuck the pro
canuck the pro, Plumber
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I am trying to change the ring on the ceramic hob of my Belling

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I am trying to change the ring on the ceramic hob of my Belling cooker, can you tell me which screws to remove to get access to the ring
canuck the pro :

Hi, my name is ***** ***** I have been in the home improvement and repair field for 20 years. I will be very glad to help you today.

First turn the power off. Remove the screws on the back at the top that hold the top in place. Now the top will be loose. Lift the top and place wood board across the appliance from front to back under the top for a work place.

8:48 AM

Carefully lift the top and stand on it's edge on the board to access the bottom. Remove the two nuts holding the earth wires to the underside of the top. You may want to have a flat surface to place all the nuts and bolts on in the order that you remove them so that it will be easier to replace them later.

8:49 AM

Now place a second piece of wood on the other side under the top from front to back and turn the top over and place it on the boards so that you may access the underneath.

8:55 AM

Remove the fixing that holds the hotplate and disconnect the wires connected to the hotplate taking note of the wired connections by labeling them if they are not labeled well on the replacement. Be sure that the plates are on the wood so that they remain in place when disconnected. Remove the base cover plate but leave the insulation in place. Remove the plate and replace with new.


It is a Belling model ********* I did try removing screws at the back but the ceramic hob still appeared to be secure. I wondered if I had to remove the control panel at the front but did not see any screws on it.

canuck the pro :

You may have to slide it forward first.


Thank you I will go and try and get back to you

canuck the pro :

I do believe it is only two screws holding it in place and they are the outside screws on the back and then it is held down also by it sliding into the bracket so then it would need to be slid forward before upward. The pieces of wood are pretty important too. It makes it much easier for a work surface.

canuck the pro :

Let me know if you have any questions going further. I will be here.


That is the replacement rings fitted, the top was still a bit stuck after removing the screws and just needed a gentle lever to free it. Thank You

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