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Plumberpro, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 634
Experience:  Heating and hot water heating appliances experienced
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Hi I have a baxi classic boiler FF350 My system is set and

Customer Question

Hi I have a baxi classic boiler
My system is set and boiler fires up and runs for maybe
Two mins. Then shuts down . Any ideas
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Plumberpro replied 3 years ago.

Hi . could be thermostat fault and shutting off too soon or system sludged and cutting out on the overheat stat. Could PCB fault ( some boards heat up , expand and break contacts but most likely first two.


When the boiler stops does the fan keep running ?


Also check the heating pipes are they red hot? When it shuts down?

JACUSTOMER-8mi74slw- : Hi fan not working . Put hand on pump when started not working and pipes hot???

Hi .arevyou there?


Ok . did you try this on hot water. Can you please try the heating, does it do the same?

JACUSTOMER-8mi74slw- : What do u mean hot water??

Sorry , got 3 conversations going AT the mo .


If your pipes are hot it must have fired up?

JACUSTOMER-8mi74slw- : Might it b Fan . Seems common fault with this model. If not taking gas fumes away system will stop???

Could be the fan .it may be running but not at full strength .when the fan runs it switches the air pressure switch . this then opens the gas valve and sparks ng starts. Temperature is regulated by the stats. If you change the fan changevthevair pressure switch at the same time


I'm just wondering whether its going out on the overheat stat. Could be getting too hot and switching off. This could be caused by week pump, sludged heat exchanger,or fault stats. If the pipe ere getting too hot near to boiling then could that . if you have a multi Meter the ohms for the pump and fan can be checked