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KevinWhiteJA, Home Appliance Technician
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When I turn on my electronic hobb it doesn't seem to work,

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When I turn on my electronic hobb it doesn't seem to work, it's brand new and I'm frustrated. I press the on switch and the cooker lights up, I just get the 0 and no -. Then I select the plate I'm going to use, select 8 for the level, it's then flashing for about 10 seconds and then returning to 0. I have tried with the sauce pan on and it's not working. I need to cook for my family, please help
KevinWhiteJA :

Hi, welcome to Just answer

KevinWhiteJA :

Please tell me the make and model number for your hob

Customer: Where do I look for this number
Customer: I think it's a Bosch induction cooker
Customer: Hello
Customer: Anybody there
Customer: this is so frustrating
Customer: hello
Customer: please don't charge my card, nobody is responding in real time as promised.
Customer: Bosch PIB672F17E
KevinWhiteJA :


KevinWhiteJA :

Yes it takes time to answer

KevinWhiteJA :

thanks for the model number

KevinWhiteJA :

please unplug it for few minutes

KevinWhiteJA :

after you have plugged it back

KevinWhiteJA :

press and hold each button each button one at a time for 10 seconds and see if you can get the lock to turn off.

KevinWhiteJA :

It seems Child lock is activated

Customer: How do I de activate it
KevinWhiteJA :

press and hold each button one at a time for 10 seconds and see if you can get the lock to turn off.

Customer: Ok, will do that now
KevinWhiteJA :

ok please do and let me know how it goes

Customer: I did that then turned off the cooker and turned it on again afresh. I selected the plate I want to use, selected power level 8 and now it's flashing 8 with - underneath , and then all of a sudden the 8 turned into 0 and now it's completely switched itself off.
KevinWhiteJA :


KevinWhiteJA :

have you tried pressing and holding any other button(s) for 5 seconds ?

Customer: Yes I have just tried that and it's still flashing ,mum hoping it stays on.nis this flashing normal
Customer: No it's just turned to 0 again and off
KevinWhiteJA :

How old is it ?

Customer: It's brand new, this is the first time I'm using it.
KevinWhiteJA :

was it installed correctly ?

Customer: I believe so, I have just moved into this house with a brand new kitchen
KevinWhiteJA :

Basically to deactivate the lock you have to press the key symbol for approximately 4 seconds and the lock is deactivated

KevinWhiteJA :

moreover, once it flashes for 10 seconds you have to press the (dot) between the power level symbols

KevinWhiteJA :

Here is the

Attachment: 2014-10-04_110716_90008844542.pdf

Full Size Image
for your reference

KevinWhiteJA :

I dont think anything is wrong with the hob

KevinWhiteJA :

If you have further questions I will be pleased to assist you – please use the REPLY link for further assistance..Please remember to RATE my answer Excellent or Good Service when you are satisfied....Thanks

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