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Yesterday my AGA was turned of for 5 hrs because we had a gas

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Yesterday my AGA was turned of for 5 hrs because we had a gas man doing work on other area of house. While AGA was cool I lightly vacuumed around to remove all dust which collects round the little bits of pipe and elements (which I have done for the past 20ys every 6mths) Later when the gas was switched back on the pilot started as usual and the flame started but after 30/40 seconds the knob which you push down and turn to control flame levels clicks and the gas or the flame goes out !
I would appreciate any advice you can offer . Thank you
George-Allsorts :

Hello, my name is ***** ***** It is likely that you have knocked a thermocouple whilst you have been hoovering... This has either been knocked out of the way of the flame that it needs to sense, or, it needs replacing..

This is the electrical device that instructs the gas valve that there is a flame present by way of producing a 30mv charge to the valve.

George-Allsorts :

I would ask the Gas Engineer to return to check the Aga. As part of his work in your property he is deemed responsible for all checks to the supply and equipment.


That situation already happened a couple of years ago so I was extra careful with my cleaning. Don't think its that ? Its the sudden click that is part of the problem ?


Don't think it is that - I was very careful because that has happened before. But you might be right it could of happened again .But don't think that is the answer. What has just happened when I tried it just , when the pilot light kicked in after 5seconds the left hand side lighter went out only leaving the flame on the right side. So when the flames burn they only stay in because one side of pilote light is blocked . I might have a go at unblocking it and get back to you.


I did ask that question at the time . He takes no responsibility because I cleaned the AGA and also he is not as qualified AGA engineer - he had no idea how an AGA works!

George-Allsorts :

Be careful when vacuuming in that area... To be direct, in which ever way it is happening, the thermocouple is not registering enough heat to do its job (send the charge). For this reason the valve does not get the response from the thermocouple that it requires to maintain gas flow. Its idication therefore, is that there is no flame and hense the valve shuts down and cuts off the gas supply.

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