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Hi I am trying to help my vulnerable neighbour replace the

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Hi I am trying to help my vulnerable neighbour replace the bulb in his new built in Bosch fridge/freezer model KIV32X22GB. The bulb is short and stubby while the the replacement from Bosch is long and tinted blue. I cannot remove the screw in old bulb, it is stuck fast.
I wondered if anyone knew of a technique to get it out or if this is a common problem. Replacement bulbs are considered standard maintenance and not something that warrants a callout so I would really like to help him if I can. Thanks
Hi sorry to hear of that trouble.
First, does it look like the replacement lamp will even fit?
If so thats great if not please let me know.
As for the lamp, does the new on have regular threads on it to screw in as you would any bulb?
As for the stuck lamp, you can spray a bit of WD-40 into the base of the lamp around the threads this will help.
Thank you
Tech Michael
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi, the replacement does look as if it would fit despite being a different length. I'm assuming the existing bulb is a screw fit because the replacement has a screw fit. My main problem is the bulb is located at the back of the fridge settings control so despite using a torch I can really see what in doing. I've tried pushing and turning the bulb as if it were a cap fit but no movement so have tried unscrewing. I'm concerned I will break the bulb. I will try some wd 40. Thanks
Your welcome Gwen, even if the bulb breaks you can then use a pair of needle nose pliers to twist it out. It may be the only option anyway.
Its best to remove all contents and the shelves for easier access on this model;-)
Please rate kindly.
I will stick with you no additional cost.
Thank you
Tech Michael
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