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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  Gas cooker specialist
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I have a heatline moza24 and its showing fault f20 is it something

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I have a heatline moza24 and its showing fault f20 is it something I coulddo or do I need an engineer thank jjg
***** ***** : F20 is the fault code for overheating, can you confirm the pump is spinning?
JACUSTOMER-8h0f08ex- :

not running assuming because of fault code.but I Iwired it independently and it runs ok

***** ***** : Once you reset it does the pump run and then stop or not run at all?
JACUSTOMER-8h0f08ex- :

not run at all

***** ***** : The power comes straight from the PCB
***** ***** : Can you check the fuses on the PCB?
JACUSTOMER-8h0f08ex- :

would these be fuses in a carrier or part of the printed circuit

***** ***** : replaceable fuses are only in the carriers
***** ***** : Can we confirm the system is full of water and the pressure is at 1.5bar?
JACUSTOMER-8h0f08ex- :

have checked fuse with a continuity tester and is ok the system is full and at 1.5

***** ***** : Perhaps the only thing we have narrowed it down to now is the expensive bit.
***** ***** : No matter what, when on heating the first thing to run should be the pump - then the boiler fires up.
JACUSTOMER-8h0f08ex- :

you mean thePCB

***** ***** : Yes
JACUSTOMER-8h0f08ex- :

Thank you your advice has been very helpful thanks a million john

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