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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Home Appliance Technician
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FP715Si The three way valve actuator stays powered after the

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The three way valve actuator stays powered after the !hr heating is turned off. This is a new actuator fitted one week ago the valve moved freely before fitting.If I press the reset on the Fp715Si it changes from CH to HW the power goes off and it cools down.
The back light to the display has failed I can cope without this.
Can you help please.
Alan Brown
***** ***** : The valve may stay in heating position when everything is off, but the pump and boiler should not continue to run, are they doing so?

The pump and boiler both switch off

***** ***** : This is correct?
***** ***** : The valve is still powered by the HW off connection on the clock

The actuator stays in the Ch position and gets hot until I carry out a reset it then returns to HW position and cools down

***** ***** : Depending on the type of valve this is normal as some sit in the last position until told to change
***** ***** : As long as the pump and boiler are not firing, this is not normally a problem
***** ***** : If it is an issue to you, then you will have to make sure the hot water is turned on last to shut the valve, or you turn the power off to the system to shut the valve.

Will being constantly powered damage the acctuator ?

***** ***** : No, but tends to make the life of the motor shorter
***** ***** : Which valve do you have?


***** ***** : Danfoss - A good make but complcated to swap the motor, usually involves swapping the head.
***** ***** : This is not normally a problem for a Danfoss, it is normally on the Honeywell ones as they make so many fifferent ones that look the same.

The whole head was replaced

***** ***** : What was the problem with the old head?

Seemed to get stuck in CH position

***** ***** : Perhaps we need to look at the cylinder stat and check it is not passing voltage once satisfied
***** ***** : Do you have a Y plan wiring diagram to check with and a mutlimeter?
***** ***** :

This system is linked with hot water solar panels may be I should call the supplier who installed the whole system 4 years ago. ?

***** ***** : But they should not interfere as they go though a separate coil in the cylinder, but it would be worth calling them to see if you are picking up a stray voltage from their kit

Any idea about the back light not working ?

***** ***** : That could just be the non-replaceable bulb
***** ***** : Any6thing to make you have to but a new one.....
***** ***** : *buy

Thanks Andrew I think you have gone as far as you canon this one.

***** ***** : No problem, come back if you need me after their visit

Will do !

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
No need for more information