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Hi I have a Bosh KIN85AF30G Fridge Freezer and although the

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Hi I have a Bosh KIN85AF30G Fridge Freezer and although the freezer is set to -20 the alarm has gone off and is currently at -5, when the alarm went off earlier after I filled it, it was at -11 so I set it to super thinking that I'd had the door open too long. any help would be appreciated!!
Hi I am sorry to hear about that.
Is there any excess frost inside the freezer on the rear wall?
Also how old is your fridge?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

None at all, the fridge/freezer is 15 months old

Thanks Craig does the fan in the freezer sound normal?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I wouldn't know what normal would sound like, it doesn't sound un-normal, but if I open the fridge it's like buzzing. Not loudly just like a hum/buzzing

Thanks Craig,
This may still be a simple defrost issue. Usually frost will build up on the rear wall in the freezer section but there may be enough ice behind the rear wall to cause this.
I would tell you to defrost the unit with both doors open for 24 hours. and soak up any excess water that may leak out.
Then turn the unit back on, listen for the compressor at the rear of the fridge. You will also need to open the access panel in the back of the fridge to see that part.
But lets first see what a good defrosting will do. Its the 1st step. If that takes care of it great!
But if you still have an issue please let me know. Then you would need an appliance tech to check on this or we can work together on it. You will need a multi meter and some basic hand tools for this, we will get to the bottom of it one way or another;-)
Please rate my service to you, kindly before closing this page you will still have access to me and you can contact me anytime
simply by replying to this message at no additional cost;-)
Thank you and have a great day!
Tech Michael
Michael and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks Michael, I will do a defrost, the back of the fridge compartment is frosted up, and is working fine, is it a single compressor or one for the fridge and a separate one for the freezer?

Hi Craig just one compressor;-) please rate kindly and have a nice Sunday evening. Tech Michael