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Relist: I still need help. I have a Bosch AXT Rapid 2000/2200

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Relist: I still need help. I have a Bosch AXT Rapid 2000/2200 Garden Shredder delivered new two days ago. The Part Numbers are as shown on the exploded diagram on the Internet. The Safety Device (Photo 1), a white plastic part No 95, has detached. I am not sure what exact position it should be in, although it looks as though it should interlock with parts 102 & 103(Photo 2) (I am guessing these part numbers). 102 & 103 are locked into place. When I tested (not live) the stop button, the Device (95) did not seem to interact with the adjacent white plastic parts (102 & 103?) which may mean I have fitted 95 wrong. I cannot tell how to fit 95 because the exploded diagram does not show this. A photograph with 95 in place would be handy. There is also a silver metal plate (Photo 3) which looks as though part 93 (knob)(Photo 5) screws into the centre of it. (Photo 4) The plate looks like Part 105 (Backing Plate) except 105 on the internet diagram has two smaller screw holes as well as the large hole. The Plate looks as though it slides into a slot (Photo 4a) at the rear of the casing Part 86 (Upper Housing) (Photo 4a), but there is a flat side and a slightly beveled side to the plate and I do not know which way I should put it in (both are possible). I have attached a number of other photos which show the Safety Device secured onto a plastic post (Photo 6), although I do not know if this is the correct position. Note that there are no Photos attached. I don’t know why this is because they all registered on the website when I updated. I can still send them but it will take some time.
That part is not supposed to come off ever.
I looked at the pics but cant really tell where it goes from the images.
Also there is possibly a tab broken off that holds that part in place.
I would exchange that whole unit because for that part to be out of place, the unit was likely mis handled and jarred or dropped.
So you really would be much better off with a new shredder;-)
I wish I had better news for you I really do but it seems to me the shredder is still fully covered.
Thank you
Tech Michael
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