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I have an AEG Lavamat Turbo washer/drier. I was checking hose

Customer Question

I have an AEG Lavamat Turbo washer/drier. I was checking hose and filter outlet (bottom right) of machine and took it out to clean it. Putting it back and starting machine it bleeps and has message EFO. Machine was working perfectly before.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Michael replied 3 years ago.
You may have gotten some water in the bottom
Ok EF3 indicates a leak in the washer.
What you need to do is pull the washer out and take off the back. There you will see a plastic tray at the bottom. Dry the water up thats in the bottom there. Then when the waters dried up the anti flood will reset itself and the washer will start to work again.
Then carefully set it going and see if you can see were the waters leaking from and replace or fix what ever it is thats leaking and then it should be back to normal then.
Thats it. If you tip it 45degs backwards this will allow the water to drain of from the bottom. Then when its drained off the washer will reset itself.
But the problem you have then is you need to try and find out were the leak is coming from. Check the door seal for any holes and take the top off and check the hoses at the top.
If after that you cant see the leak then you will need to take the back off.
To get it off the back half comes off by 4 screws on top. Then 2 at the bottom in each corner. Then look on the side at the bottom you will see a white cap Take this off and theres a screw in there. Then the back half of the washer will come off.