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Hi.i have a Zanussi Washer Dryer ZWD14270W1. When on a dry

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Hi.i have a Zanussi Washer Dryer ZWD14270W1. When on a dry cycle the drum spins and all seems well but the clothes do not dry or even feel warm to the touch.
Using previous questions and answers on this forum I found that the error code was E72 and have changed the NTC sensor but the problem persists. I have also cleared the error code memory and then still get the E72 code.
Is there anything else that would produce the E72 code?
Many thanks

Which NTC did you replace? Was it the one in the top or the one at the back in the bototm in the black hose?

Also when set to dryer does the fan motor on the top run?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I changed the one at the back in the block hose. Not sure about the fan. Would i need to open it up to confirm?


Ok im taking it the wiring to the ntc was fine as they do like to break off there. But as you have replaced it i think you would have noticed it.

As to the fan yes you need to remove the top of the washer.
From there you will see the fan motor in the back right corner.
Check the small belt is still fitted on and that you can turn this by hand.

As if you still get the E72 and the ntc is new then you have lost the air flow through the air chamber so its creating the error code.

Check that fan out and see what you find and let me know.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The belt is on and it can be turned by hand.

Also the wiring to the ntc appeared to be fine.

Ok set the dryer going and see if the fan is running when the dryer ison.
It will take a few minutes to kick in so when it does just check its running.

If it is then you need to remove the fan motor on the top of the washer that you have just checked.

Then from there you will see the plastic air chamber going down. Use an old wire coat hanger if you have one and clear out as much fluff as you can from in there.

Then retry the washer and see what happens. If the same then you need to check the water valve. There you wil see a green coil. You need to test this with a multimeter. It should read about 5.6 Kohms. But you need to run the dryer for about 20 mins then check this and see what you get. If its faulty then you need to replace the water valve.

Buy if all the above checks out ok and its still doing the same then im afraid its looking like the small dryer board behind the panel is faulty and this would need to be replaced.

But check the above out first and see what you find as its usually something to do with the above rather then the control board for this fault.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It failed the first test. I let it run on dry for a few mins and the fan didnt turn so i gave it a little nudge and it started spinning but making a fairly load screetching noise. I switched it off and started another dry cycle and the fan kicked in without manual assistance but carried on making the screetching sound.

Btw the metal chamber next to the fan, where i guess the element is placed, gets red hot


Ok it sounds like the problem is with the fan motor as is you turned it to get going and it made that noise then its jamming up.
This will also cause the same fault which you have and the error code as its stopped the air flow so the ntc isnt getting the correct readings it should.

So you will need to replace the blower chamber and this will cure the fault.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Just to confirm you think it is the blower chamber (assembly ventilator) that needs changing rather than the fan motor?

Also to clarify the fan motor and the wheel on the assembly ventilator are not both turning without jamming but making the loud scretching sound (i tested it again)

many thanks.


Yes its the assembly ventilator. As if you take the small belt off and spin the motor itself which is the front wheel you will find this will spin fine as these never fail. Its always down the ventilator on this.

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