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Andrew Smith
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I have a baxi 105e and when ithe CH pressure is at .75 bar

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I have a baxi 105e and when ithe CH pressure is at .75 bar I will turn heating on no problem. After about half an hour the pressure continues to rise to over 3.5 until it eventually releases. once the heating cools down the pressure returns to 0 it then needs topping up for the heating to start up again, or the CH operation on time reduced to only 1/2hr on 1hr off 1/2hr on again.
***** ***** : Can you confirm the heat is circulating?
***** ***** : If the heat is circulating and the pump is ok, then you will have a problem with your expansion vessel.
***** ***** : There is an air cushion inside the pressure vessel that absorbs the expanding water when heated
***** ***** : If the air cushion is lost or the bladder is split then the expanding water has nowhere to go and will blow the PRV until the water cools and then you have to refill the system
***** ***** : You should change the vessel or get the pressure checked in the bladder
JACUSTOMER-xx51uk1y- :

This sounds major from its position in the boiler.abaout how long will it take to replace?

***** ***** : If you can take the flue off and the boiler off the wall about 3 hours plus a load of washers when putting the boiler back together
***** ***** : Another way is to leave it and cut an additional pressure vessel into the return pipework anywhere on the heating circuit - this will absorb the expansion
***** ***** : and without the major costs - it should take about an hour plus £60 of bits
JACUSTOMER-xx51uk1y- :

ok thanks for you advice

***** ***** : No problem
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