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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Home Appliance Technician
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Greenstar 12 Ri, possible fault, pump comes on diverter open

Customer Question

Greenstar 12 Ri, possible fault, pump comes on diverter open ,fan don't come on after 30 seconds blue light flashes
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Andrew Smith replied 3 years ago.
***** ***** : If the fan does not come on then it may be a simple fan fault - do you have something to test the power with?
JACUSTOMER-yvn8bsbz- : There's power on bot***** ***** cable only
***** ***** : Are you testing the fan directly or the mains connector to the boiler?
JACUSTOMER-yvn8bsbz- : Testing the fan directly in demand
***** ***** : ok
***** ***** : Are you testing live to earth and live to netral with a meter?
JACUSTOMER-yvn8bsbz- : Tried to reset boiler via reset knob nothing happens. Boiler worked fine this morning, switched off power to replaced a socket and switched power back on and noticed that boiler didn't come. Fuse on boiler had blown, replaced fuse and that's when noticed problem with fan.
***** ***** : Is it holding the fuse now?
JACUSTOMER-yvn8bsbz- : Yes
***** ***** : Did it blow the fuse on the PCB or in the spur?
JACUSTOMER-yvn8bsbz- : On the PCB. Replaced fuse and also PCB and no joy
***** ***** : ok, there are 2 on the pcb, can you check them both?
JACUSTOMER-yvn8bsbz- : Both ok, blue light on permanent and only goes into lock out when try to switch on boiler.
***** ***** : Ok, it sounds like a fan fault
***** ***** : But I cannot prove this unless you have a multimeter
***** ***** : Can I ask you if it is a fast flash, slow flash (mainly on or mainly off)
JACUSTOMER-yvn8bsbz- : Ok. Can you tell me how to test the fan with the meter and I'll do it tomorrow.
***** ***** : We may be able to know for sure if you can tell me how it is flashing?
JACUSTOMER-yvn8bsbz- : it's a fast flash
***** ***** : Can you turn the power off and check all the plugs from the PCB to the equipment. Take one off at a time, check and make sure it is fitted tightly, then again at the other end of the connector cable
***** ***** : A fast flash is a connection problem, a sensor fault or fan problem, we just need to make sure
JACUSTOMER-yvn8bsbz- : Done that twice already. When boiler has been in demand for about 30 seconds that's when blue light starts to flash fast until boiler is switched off. Should there be a live in and a live out when the fan is working .
JACUSTOMER-yvn8bsbz- : Can you tell me how to test the fan with the meter and also the temperature sensor, overheat thermostat, what should the reading be on the meter. How do you test the code plug? Many thanks Charlie.
***** ***** :
***** ***** : Page 49 onwards