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Plumberpro, Home Appliance Technician
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W828 200-w, bolier keeps going into standby mode. It only gets

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W828 200-w, bolier keeps going into standby mode. It only gets occaasional use though.
Plumberpro : Hi . Does it heat up at all
Plumberpro : I take it it runs for a while , heats up then shuts down.?

Yes, it heats 2 rads (garage converted to room downstairs & bedroom above) & water is hot. Remote control temp set to 20.5 so it does come on to heat up.


It seems to be ok for a few days, then goes into standby (red light) & only works by pressing reset button.

Plumberpro : Ok . You have an intermittent fault which can be hard to diagnose without testing most of the components. It could be the fan is getting weak and failing to keep open the air presuure switch. What make is the boiler?

Sorry forgot there is also heated towel radiator in small bathroom downstairs too. This is usually quite hot.


The boiler is virtually brand new! It doesn't get that much use. It's a Veissmann 200-W 26 KW combi.

Plumberpro : Ok . Just looking up manual


Plumberpro : Is it a combi?


Plumberpro : Ok . 1 minute , thanks
Plumberpro : Hi . So its only doing two radiators? Thats a big boiler to be doing so little. It may be cutting out on overheat., hence the restting
Plumberpro : Does it only do this on heating and not on hot water?

I presume so, as the heating will be cutting in as required, & the towel rad is usually heating up ok. No one is in there that much though, water is always quite to heat up, almost instant.


The 2 rads are only set to 3 & don't appear to be giving off a lot of heat

Plumberpro : So , if you run the hot water continuously it will not cut out. .

No, runs ok. When the shower has been used I don't think it's ever cut out. It's only noticed when I check every few days that the red light is on. Some weeks can go by & ok, then other times it needs resetting every few days.


The boiler can run on bottled or mains gas. It was initially set up on bottles before mains gas was run to garage from house, if of any relevance.

Plumberpro : Ok . I think it is the fact that it is a big boiler central heating wise and could heat a four bed house. The radiators shoukd be checked for air , ie bleeding and make sure pressure is up

OK will check the rads, what should the gauge read please? I've been told to keep topping it up.

Plumberpro : The boiler maximum output can be adjusted and it should be set at minimum
Plumberpro : the pressure could be set to 1.2. .should be 1 bar min but at 1.2 allows some leeway

OK-will anything be affected it it is above this? It's currently at 2.5.


Rads are on 3 & lukewarm now, turned 1 up to 5 & heat response was instant. Towel rad is warm.

Plumberpro : No . Thats a little too high. But if you let a little water out of the radiator bleed into a cup it will drop until you reach 1.2 . Also make sure the radiator valves are fully open ( the non thermostatic side)so the sytem water will flow a bit easier . I dont think there is any fault with your boiler it is just too big for the system at the moment , but the maximum heating can be turned down
Plumberpro : Not the temperature but the kilowatt rating

OK will see if this helps. We might extend out from the garage to make a carport with covered in roof area, so could install another rad in the new upstairs area, which may then help boiler run to it's potential better?

Plumberpro : Do you have the manual?

Only the small operating instructions, presume this can be downloaded?

Plumberpro : IIt can on On page 17 it shows how to decrease the maximum heating h ( fairly easy). I think if you try dropping it 50 percent your heating should run better.

OK thanks, ***** ***** that a try. Many thanks for your help.

Plumberpro : Your welcome
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