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how do i remove the decorative panel ffrom my dishwasher esi6104

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how do i remove the decorative panel ffrom my dishwasher esi6104 as i need to replace the machine . thanks
Begin by unplugging the dishwasher. This is an extra safety step you should always take when working on the dishwasher.
From here, open the dishwasher door completely. At the side you’ll see a total of eight screws. Remove these with your screwdriver and keep them safe as you’ll need them later.
Step 3 - Removing the Front Panel
Dishwasher door panels can be removed easily but you still need to be very careful. Keep you hand on the front panel as you close the dishwasher door again. Keep the front panel steady so it doesn’t move. If it should fall off, there’s a danger of it breaking wires that are connected inside the dishwasher door panels.
Let the front panel slowly lean away from the dishwasher, keeping a firm hold on it. Next, you need to slowly lift it away and up from the dishwasher. Be very careful that none of the wires inside the dishwasher door panels are caught up in the front door panel.
Step 4 - Installing the New Door
The new front of the dishwasher door panels will go in via the bottom rail on the door of the dishwasher. You’ll need to push it in so it’s completely flush with the dishwasher door. Be extremely careful with this to ensure no wires are snagged as you move it into place. Going slowly is the best method here and checking the wires frequently should ensure that everything is fine.
With the front door panel in place, hold it firmly as you open the dishwasher door completely. Now, you’re ready to screw it into place. Do this by inserting each of the four corner screws. Hold the front door panel in place while you do this until the screws can keep it firm. You can now let go of the front door panel and tighten the screws. When they’re secure, insert and tighten the other four screws.
Close the dishwasher door and plug the unit back it. With the new front of the dishwasher door panels in place, you’re ready to use the appliance again.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
having opened the door there are many more than 8 screws. on the white side strip, thete are only 2 screws, one each side. on the steel door itself, there are 14 screws. what do i remove please. thanks
Hi, yours may have more screws, you need to remove all screws that go from the panel to the metal housing.
Please let me know how it goes. You may need to remove all of the screws.