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bonzaco, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 1517
Experience:  I am a Home Appliance / Refrigeration Technician of 25yrs+ with my own business and for multi-brand national companies.
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Hi it's Mari my machine won't spin digital flashes on then

Customer Question

Hi it's Mari my machine won't spin digital flashes on then try's to spin then it goes off I don't have clothes in machine at moment i but the clothes I had in machine were soaking wet I took out tried spinning with none can u help
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  bonzaco replied 3 years ago.
Dales-Electronic :

Hello My name is Ian ~ I am not on the site constantly so please be patient whilst waiting for responses to you queries

Dales-Electronic :

Could you let me have the Manufacturer and model number and I'll have a look for you ~ Ian

JACUSTOMER-dbxbve0q- : Hi the model is hoover VT716D21 vision tech
Dales-Electronic :

Could you please recheck that model number I don't have that listed and could you also get me the product code which is usually inside the door frame and starts 31*********** Thanks

Dales-Electronic :

I would be grateful if you could explain why you have given me a bad service rating, the model number is ***** listed with the largest supplier of appliance spares in the UK, the fact that I asked for further details does not constitute bad service more a request for more information to allow me to help you.

JACUSTOMER-dbxbve0q- : One email sent when I tried to get answer your site was error can't get my answer I'm sorry if I've offended you but it doesn't state on your web site that I'd hav to go back to your main site to get any reply I tried to contact you all nite can you reply now and tell me anything and then I'll send a great reply the machine is trying to empty but the digital is going on and off flashing I'll look for model number I'm really sorry just got you now I
JACUSTOMER-dbxbve0q- : I couldn't get in touch with you I'm sorry
JACUSTOMER-dbxbve0q- : model vt716d21/1-80. 3100570413286002. Type fce2
Dales-Electronic :

OK we're cooking on gas let me have a quick look and come back to you ~ could you give me a quick idea of how old it is?

JACUSTOMER-dbxbve0q- : Thanx dale
JACUSTOMER-dbxbve0q- : think 2yrs
Dales-Electronic :

OK it looks like you have either the motor brushes or the electronic motor control board that has failed. How handy are you with a screwdriver?

JACUSTOMER-dbxbve0q- : Not good
Dales-Electronic :

Not wishing to be rude ~ boyfriend, husband friend who can help?

JACUSTOMER-dbxbve0q- : Working
JACUSTOMER-dbxbve0q- : Just me at moment if you rite down what to do ill get him to do it
Dales-Electronic :

OK you have a situation where you need to get a view of the motor ~ OK here goes

Dales-Electronic :

a. Disconnect from water, drain and electric. b. Put a pillow on the floor and tip the appliance over on its side. c. look underneath and you will see the motor (it has a belt going around one end) at the opposite end you will see two carbon brush assemblies screwed to each side of the rear shaft of the motor. Unscrew and take ONE ONLY off, you will see the carbon piece sticking out at the other end to where the single wire connects. If this carbon has less than 1 inch protruding from the end then this is your problem. Take the single carbon to your appliance repair place and buy 2 of them (they usually come in twos but not always) Refit the new carbon in place of the old noting that it must be in the same line as the old on but 180 degrees opposite. Once you are happy you have the new one in place do the same to the other side. Making sure that you have collected the electric cables to the back of the new carbons stand the appliance up, reconnect the electric plug put the drain hose in the sink and see if you can get the appliance to spin ~~ that's assuming that the brushes are worn out. I have sent you an offer of further service which includes my contact so if you get stuck give me a call and I will take you to the next step ~ its a bit of a fiddle but if you take it step by step and slowly you should solve the problem. If you need further help You can contact me here or through the attached contact info. If you are happy with my help please rate me as we need the rating to close the job down ~ take care and good luck - Ian

JACUSTOMER-dbxbve0q- : Oh thanks Ian ill rate you well sorry I thot you were dale Not good with computers either ha thanks
Dales-Electronic :

OK you take care and if you need more help call ~ Ian