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"I have a neff slimline integrated dishwasher and the drain

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"I have a neff slimline integrated dishwasher and the drain pump will not stop running even with the door open. There are no blockages, if I pour water in it will drain out. I have tried a reset and it seems to work as I get the end of cycle beeps and the end light comes on but pump keeps running."
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Do you know the model number?
Are you able to pull the machine out?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have pulled it out and taken the left hand side panel off in order to make sure there were no blockages. I'm not sure of the model number, i can't find it anywhere on the machine. I downloaded a manual for a S5943X0GB model and it seems similar.

Hi David

For the model look along the side of the door edge, there should be a label there.

It sounds like the machine has water in the base, where the pumps are.

This sets the flood guard and the discharge pump will run continuously in an effort to protect the electrics in the base.
Turn off the electric.
Pull machine forward.
Put towels down behind the machine.
Tilt machine back at 45 degrees.
Water will come out the back.
The machine should now be reset.
If this re occurs you have a leak and will need to find it and rectify it .

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have tried what you have suggested several times already and it has made no difference.

Hi David

OK, there are only two things that will bring on this condition. The most common is the flood device. The other is much worse as its the main board !!

Lets be sure about the flood device.
On the very bottom of the machine, where the pumps are, do you see a polystyrene float?
Gently raise and lower it, do you hear the switch? It should be in the lowered position

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The float is in the lowered position, if I raise it it seems to operate the switch although it doesn't make an audible click.

Hi David

OK, you may be in luck
Even though its in the lowered (normal) position, it should click if its raised.

If water enters the base, it raises the float and switches on the pump, even if the door is open.
If its not clicking, the switch may well be faulty. I have seena few of these fail.

If you have a meter you should test this for its operation. If its not operating you will need to replace it.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I can't test the switch at the moment, I will be able to do it later. Will I be able to get back to you then? I did disconnect the connector on the switch and the pump stopped running. Does that tell us anything?

Hi David

Its possibly a good sign that it stops running, but I cant be sure without the schematic.

Much better to test the switch physically

Just bookmark this page and post back when you can.
Ill respond when Im back online

All the best