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Andrew Smith
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I have a suprima 70l when the hot water is switched on the

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I have a suprima 70l when the hot water is switched on the boiler cuts off when it gets to hot but does not come back on when temperature drops. The boiler works normally for the heating side of things heats up switches off, switches back on when temp drops. So when heating and hot water are on the boiler turns off when the water reaches temperature, red light comes on and boiler stays off until it's reset.
***** ***** : Ok, either a problem with the thermostat or overheat stat
***** ***** : Is the boiler getting roasting hot?
Customer: The boiler red light comes on so yes hot water boiling
***** ***** : It could be a faulty overheat stat which could bring the light on before it reached 86 degrees, say tripping at 70 degrees instead?
***** ***** : Is the water boiling hot?
Customer: Yes water boiling it trips out but boiler works fine when only heating is used
***** ***** : Can you tell me what temperature the cylinder thermostat is set at?
***** ***** : Is it still connected tightly to the cylinder?
***** ***** : Do the radiators get really hot to the touch?
Customer: Yes rads really hot cylinder set at 60
***** ***** : Ok, sounds like a boiler thermostat problem then if it is affecting both circuits
***** ***** : Try turning down 1/4 from where it is and see how you go
***** ***** : If it controls the temperature better then you know for sure to replace the boiler thermostat
***** ***** : It is tripping when on hw only because it has nowhere to dump the heat like the large heating circuit
Customer: Doesn't appear to affect the heating so much because it turns off when reaches temperature and fires back up when it cools down
***** ***** :
***** ***** : An easy swap without even draining the heating
Customer: Boiler thermostat then?
***** ***** : Yes, otherwise if it was an overheat stat fault it would be nuisance tripping at a much lower temperature
***** ***** : The overheat stat is doing its job correctly
Customer: Many thanks
***** ***** : No problem
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