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George-Allsorts, Senior Appliance Technicial Manager
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 1448
Experience:  A whitegoods technician with 30+ years service in Domestic Appliance Service & Repair, and General Mechanical & Electrical Repair
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My beko dwd 5411 w is not filling with water

Customer Question

My beko dwd 5411 w is not filling with water
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  George-Allsorts replied 3 years ago.
George-Allsorts :

Hello, my name is***** be patient whilst awaiting responses, I'm not constantly available.

What area of the country do you live in?
Has your dishwasher got power lights coming on when you switch it on?

JACUSTOMER-ww7mpnz5- : Hi George yes power lights are on .
JACUSTOMER-ww7mpnz5- : I live just outside Leominster herefordshire
JACUSTOMER-ww7mpnz5- : when switched on the machine makes a louder than usual noise and no water is coming through.
George-Allsorts :

Hello Nigel... Would you say that this is the dishwasher trying to fill, or would you say that it is trying to empty?

George-Allsorts :

The reason I ask is that, prior to filling, the beko dishwashers normally enter a draining stage... If it cannot complete this draining stage it will not usually then fill but will fault out, and this could be what your loud noise is, debris in the dishwasher's pump...

Having said this... The cold weather that was evident last night could have frozen the water supply in some areas of the country, however, Herts was not notably cold enough for that...

JACUSTOMER-ww7mpnz5- : Hi George no frost . Last time we had a problem it was a split pipe which kept the drainage phase going I will check to make sure it is not the same thing . I assumed it wasn't as that was only a year ago. Your last answer finished with dishwashers pump.... Was there more.nigel
George-Allsorts :

Yes, If the noise is starting straight away then suspect the drainage pump, and dismantle it to find the cause (either debris or a broken impellor), alternatively, if it completed the drain cycle before there being a noise and no water then suspect the inlet solenoid, test and replace.

JACUSTOMER-ww7mpnz5- : Can you tell me the best way to get at the drainage pump?
George-Allsorts :

Good morning Nigel

George-Allsorts :

Are you going to attempt it now>

George-Allsorts :

one moment whilst I look at the diagrams

George-Allsorts :

The pump is at the front behind the kickpanel on this one...
Drain any water from the inside, drop a towel in there to soak-up any that you can not otherwise scoop...
Go to the kickplate and unscrew/unclip it and remove it..
The pump is there infront of you... twist it to remove.

JACUSTOMER-ww7mpnz5- : George the kick plate uncliped easily ,behind that is a gray moulding which holds the levelling adjustment screws this is securely fixed at the moment. Behind that is some insulation material ! How should I proceed ?
George-Allsorts :

That grey moulding should have clips/screws on it to remove it... it is just a cover panel according to these diagrams...

The insulation behind it is just a noise damper, that too should come out...

If you wish to wait until I get top work at 10:30 I can then get the full schematics

JACUSTOMER-ww7mpnz5- : Thanks george i will wait till you get to work if I don't get it right with these things I either break something or waste a lot of time . out on the farm now but will check your notes at coffee time Nigel
George-Allsorts :

Hi Nigel, have a quick look at these Beko DWD5411 Files

JACUSTOMER-ww7mpnz5- : Thanks george looked in drainage pump it's ok but there was the stalk of some grapes in there and a piece of onion. Will have to buy a new hose tomorrow and will let you know how I get on . Nigel
George-Allsorts :

Why do you need a new hose?

George-Allsorts :

Those items would have caused the problematic noise

JACUSTOMER-ww7mpnz5- : Hi george problem fixed must have been the grape stalk. Snapped the inlet hose when pulling machine out of the work top.
George-Allsorts :

Excellent... Remember to leave rating kindly, and if you have any more problems with it then feel free to contact me.

George-Allsorts :

Hi Nigel, how did you get on with fitting the the drain hose?

Expert:  George-Allsorts replied 3 years ago.
Hello Nigel, Can I ask you to take a moment to rate my responses to you so far...
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