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I have a bosch excel 7 1400 spin it has a f21 fault I replaced

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I have a bosch excel 7 1400 spin it has a f21 fault I replaced both carbon brushes on motor as originals were.worn down. Also I had to replace drain pump as original letting in water but still fault .motor has 7 connections but only can source brushes terminals correctly -when had motor apart windings went to 1 terminal on 1 side 2 spare terminals on that block. but other terminal block had wires in each of the 3 terminals and there is continuity between the 3 terminals just wondering could motor be at fault- would be very glad for an answer thanks

Can you post the model number please.

Also is the F21 error code showing stright away as soon as you turn the washer on?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Model I think is wae243679uk. -f21 was coming on straight away but when ljust lifted up machine from side. Position f63 has come on display

Ok for the F21 error code once you repair the fault you need to reset the control board to clear the code.

But as to the F63 this is a control board fault itself.

But lets try and reset it first and see what happens.

Turn the knob to the 6 o'clock position.

Wait for the start light to flash.

Press and hold the spin reduce button.

While holding it, turn to the 7 o'clock position.

Release the spin button after a few seconds.

Turn the knob to the off position.

This should reset the control board so retry the washer and see what happens. But if you are still getting the F63 code then im afraid this is looking like the control board is the fault here.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
The start button does not flash and has not done for the last week with f21 - I've seen this reset on other sites but f63 came on just as I replied to you the first time now it's non stop flashing f63

Ok the F63 is a control board issue. Its down to nothing else other then the control board according to the service info for that error code.

What you can do if you havent already is check the wiring connection on the board and check all the blocks are on there tight.

But if the wiring is fine then you need to replace the board. Ive this seen this fault a few times, Not often but i have come across it and it was always the control board itself that caused this problem.

As to the restting the code the start light doesnt always flash on some models so in that case just ignore waiting for the start light and just carry on with holding the button and turning the dial.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Could you help me check motor for short in case it blew board thank s
Do you have a megger or insulation test meter?

If so then you need to put one probe on the motor casing and then go across each of the tags on the motor and see if you get a very low insultaion reading. If you do then the motor is faulty.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks for your help
Your welcome