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Dales-Electronic, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 1466
Experience:  I am a Home Appliance / Refrigeration Technician of 25yrs+ with my own business and for multi-brand national companies.
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I have a satellite p500 - 12d with a battery charging issue.

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I have a satellite p500 - 12d with a battery charging issue. The mains led is flashing but the battery isn,t charging. Is this a charging lead issue or internal ?
Dales-Electronic :

Hello My name is Ian ~ I am not on the site constantly so please be patient whilst waiting for responses to you queries

Dales-Electronic :

OK have you any means of testing the output of the ac adaptor it should be at around 19v DC

Dales-Electronic :

If you find that there isn't any output at the computer plug end and you have tested that power is going into the ac adaptor you can get a replacement here ~

Dales-Electronic :

Come back to me when you've got this tested ~ Ian

JACUSTOMER-9w4k76jl- : I have tested the output which is cycling between 19 and 21v. I checked my computer again but the same symptoms are still there.
Dales-Electronic :

OK will it run OK with the charger connected ?

JACUSTOMER-9w4k76jl- : No
Dales-Electronic :

OK well unless you have got a totally clapped out battery then you have an internal fault on the board Im afraid

JACUSTOMER-9w4k76jl- : Could it be the battery which is four years old?
Dales-Electronic :

Yes four years is a long time for a laptop batter, the HP im using now only lasted 2 years hang on and I'll see what they cost

Dales-Electronic :

They seem to be quite expensive at about £45 on ebay ~ youd have to think carefully if you want to spend this amount on an old laptop

JACUSTOMER-9w4k76jl- : Thanks I will consider ... Thanks for your help
Dales-Electronic :

No worries sorry we weren't able to get you an easy fix ~ Ian

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